COMP2025 Intermediate Excel

COMP2025 Intermediate Excel:
Business Applications for the Hospitality Industry

Industry Application Assignment


You are the manager of a large hotel. You’re told that 120 guests will be staying in your establishment for a mid-week conference. The client has requested double occupancy only. The guests will be arriving on Monday morning and staying until Thursday afternoon.

You will be responsible for providing a daily buffet-style breakfast and lunch with a formal sit-down dinner services. The breakfast is to be ready by 7:00 am and finished by 8:30 am. Lunch is to be served promptly at noon and to be finished by 1 pm. Dinner is scheduled to start at 6:00 pm and go until 8:00pm

The Task

You are to provide the required staff schedule, which is to be posted on your hotel’s intranet so the staff can access it easily. In addition to the schedule, you must also calculate the itemized labour cost. Remember you are not concerned with any other costs other than labour. To accomplish this you develop the following:

Employee Worksheet
This sheet will include a list of the employees you plan to use for the event and must include the following at a minimum:

Employee Name
Pay Rate

Remember you must provide staffing for all facets of this event from housekeeping to wait staff to kitchen staff. Format as a table named Employees.

Schedule Worksheet
You will develop a full shift schedule covering all facets including housekeeping, room service, dining room etc. Ensure start and end times are clearly defined and that break times are also scheduled appropriately using current labour law as your guide.

Labour Cost Worksheet

Combining the information from the schedule and payroll worksheet, develop a detailed labour cost analysis.

-All calculations must use formulas. Each calculation done without a formula will result in a five-mark penalty.

-There must be a completed Documentation Page & each sheet tab should be renamed and recoloured
-The name of your establishment should be centered at the top of each worksheet
-There should be appropriate use of cell styles, clip art, etc.
-There will be a custom footer with the hotel name in the bottom left and the date in the bottom right
-Provide a chart sheet detailing the labour cost. You decide the style of chart that best shows your data
-The Labour Cost worksheet should include subtotals for each category

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