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Cloud Services Cloud Development Platforms (PaaS) Developers have many choices for the programming languages, operating systems, databases, and tools they use to create apps hosted on the cloud. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google App Engine are providers of platform as a service (PaaS), a service of cloud computing that delivers tools for developing, testing, and deploying apps on the cloud. A PaaS provider manages the computing resources required to run apps on the cloud so that developers can concentrate on writing the code, logic, interfaces, and operations of the software. Research This: (1) Read a customer case study about Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google App Engine. In what industry is the customer involved? What was the challenge for which the customer was seeking a PaaS solution? How did this solution meet their needs? (2) Research one of these PaaS providers. Which operating systems and development tools does it support? How does it support scalability when additional computing resources are required? What pricing model is in place?