Client-based Presentation

Client-based Presentation: The student will prepare a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation with narration. The presentation is based on the content of the Advertising Media Plan document. Significant points from the advertising media plan presented in the paper should be included. New material not included in the advertising media planning assessment document should NOT be added to the presentation.

First Person Presentation:  Successfully developing an advertising plan was the focus of the paper. The advertising media presentation should be created and delivered as though the student is in the presence of the client. This means the client-style presentation will be visually and verbally presented with the client as the audience.  (Tip:  the client already knows the history of the company.  That information should be brief at best in the presentation.)

The audio portion of the presentation should be relaxed, informational and conversational as it would be if the student were face-to-face with the client.

A client style presentation means that appropriate visualsto interest and inform the client with a voice recording for each slide will be necessary. Choice of visuals and images in the presentation should underscore the student’s understanding of the client’s business/product/brand/ministry.  The client should be able to recognize themselves and their business in the presentation.  In the end, even though you may be suggesting advertising changes, the client should feel like you understand the business and their goals.

Every detail need not be included in the slide content, but the voice recording should fill in important points that may be missing from the visual.

Structure and Format

The audio and slides need to be combined so the presentation will play as one file.

The reference list included in the Advertising Media Planning Assessment document are NOT required in the PowerPoint or Prezi.

The student may choose the presentation method from PowerPoint, or Prezi.

  • The presentation will be created as one of the following:
    • a PowerPoint with voice narration (8-12 slides), I will add in my voice to the slide presentationOR
    • a Prezi presentation with voice narration, (6-10 minutes in length)

The presentation will be graded on appropriate inclusion of content, creativity and quality of visuals and audio.  Creativity in choice of PowerPoint or Prezi design will be graded.

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