classifying the items listed below

In a single-spaced Word document, write a summary of investments by classifying the items listed below.
In the first paragraph paragraph, briefly describe what debt and equity investments are as an introduction.
As the first topic, discuss how each of the equity items below would be classified, and why. (NOTE: “Significant influence” is typically defined by a percentage, but other non-numerical factors can contribute to it as well.) As the second topic, discuss how each of the debt items below would be classified, and why. As the third topic, discuss any items below that are neither equity nor debt. Conclude with a brief summary statement about investments.
Consider using these terms in your discussion: held-to-maturity, available-for-sale, trading, fair value through NI, equity method, consolidation
The document should be well organized with no more than one topic per paragraph. It should be between one or two pages. Watch for technical correctness in terms of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Write in your own words rather than using content directly from the textbook or other sources.

  1. Common stock held in an investment account for immediate resale 2. Corporate bonds of Primary Smelting Company to be sold if interest rates fall 1/2% 3. 90% of the voting common stock of Affiliated Peripherals, Inc. 4. Treasury bills to be held-to-maturity 5. 15% of the voting common stock of Computer Storage Devices Company 6. Corporate bonds that will mature in two weeks 7. Accounts receivable 8. 35% of the non-voting preferred stock of American Aircraft Company 9. Bonds acquired to profit from short-term differences in price 10. 20% of the voting common stock of Shipping Barrels Corporation. The investor’s CEO on the board of directors of Shipping Barrels Corporation.

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