choose two different Picture images

For this essay, choose two different Picture images (remember that Pictures include Drawings, Paintings, Printmaking, and Photography) from Chapters 1 and 2 of our textbook Perceiving the Arts: An Introduction to the Humanities (pages 1-62) and compose a reflexive essay based on your initial response and thoughts to these two pieces of art.Your essay should consider the following questionsConsider the two pieces of art that you chose for this essay. How do they specifically help illustrate your responses to the questions listed below? What attracted you to choose these specific pieces? What did you learn from studying them? Did they meet your expectations? How and why did you relate to them?Additionally:What aspects of composition or style of art attracted or engaged you?What did you learn about visual images that you did not know before?How has your learning affected preconceptions or misconceptions you brought with you into class?How does your learning affect your view of the world and the universe?Will what you have learned change your perception or understanding of Visual Art in the future?A word about reflective writingReflection provides a means to identify issues; state opinion, inferences, and predictions; and express feelings, beliefs, and attitudes. Reflection is a cognitive process that promotes critical thinking through writing. The writer’s responsibility is to support a personal opinion, inference, and prediction by the inclusion of relevant content knowledge presented in professional, published works.Ultimately, writing these papers encourages you to find what is meaningful to you and how it adds value to your learning. Do not simply outline or summarize the material you have covered. Share your ideas and what the selected art means to you. You essay should reflect what you learned, your opinions and your world view.The following will help you understand the assignment requirements:Papers must be typed in Microsoft WordPapers should be at least 3 pages (750 words).Writing should use formal language and include correct spelling and punctuation.Label clearly which images you are using.Use APA style for formatting and citation (cite the book where needed, including for the images you choose).

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