Choose & identify a relevant article

Choose & identify a relevant article for EACH of your two chosen Topics

Ideally, throughout the session you will undertake some wider reading regarding ACC03032 (that is, read more widely than your text, study guide and set readings). This assignment offers some incentive to do so, at least for a couple of topics.

For EACH of your two chosen topics, choose an article you believe is relevant to that topic. Your article needs to have been published after 1 January 2019. “Relevant” is explained in #2 below.

Once you have chosen your article you need to identify it so it is NOT chosen by another student. You will do this by RESERVING or NOMINATING it as “yours” on the relevant Topic DF by adding the following details in the SUBJECT line of your DF post:

  • Author names;
  • Name of the source of your article;
  • Date & issue details (as applicable).

Here are two fictional (made-up) examples:

  • Smith and Jones, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Volume 24, Issue 1, 2013, pp.23-47;
  • Stevens, Australian Financial Review, 2 May 2012, p.4.

2. Contribute a 500 word post to a Discussion Forum (DF) explaining the relevance of the article</o:p>

For each of the 2 topics you choose contribute a post (maximum 500 words) on the relevant Discussion Forum (DF).

There will be a separate DF for each Topic – NOTE: each Topic DF will become UNAVAILABLE on the due date/time specified above. If you have NOT posted by that date/time it will be too late!

Your post needs to explain how your chosen & identified article is of relevance to your chosen topic that will have been covered in ACC03032 by that time and will also include a personal reflection.

  • Your explanation for relevance needs to provide examples from the article to illustrate theories and/or principles from your chosen Topic (maximum 300 words). It is important to provide evidence (facts) from the articles to support any opinion and arguments you express; perhaps facts illustrate certain terms you learn in a topic (even an earlier topic); maybe you recognize that the findings are only applicable in a certain context; or the interpretation of the facts illustrate a certain theoretical lens (or approach). This DOES NOT mean summaries the article, summaries the topic or define the theories.
  • Your personal reflection part for each contribution needs to explain what you found to be the aspect of your chosen topic that created the most reaction from you (biggest impact on your learning … something you realized or now feel you understand more clearly). For example, you may not have thought about the issue before; you may have observed behavior related to the matter before and that was important to you; you may have related the issue to a current development in the world – current affairs, your employment or business, etc. This is subjective and personal reflection that will differ from student to student (maximum 200 words). This DOES NOT mean making recommendations about what you think the authors might have said/done.</o:p>
  • Please include a link (URL) to the article or attach a PDF copy in your post & the full reference.

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