CET720: Decision Analysis

Subject CET720: Decision Analysis

Assuming Mr. John is 36 years old starting at $0 savings with an MSc in Energy System from NUS and a Master in Sustainable Energy from the University of Queensland. Mr. John is expected to enter the full-time workforce on 01 Jan 2024 with 10 years of working experience.

Mr. Jhon’s ideal living condition is a $1.5M 3BR condo.

Given the know conditions, what are the lifestyle choices and budget required moving forward to achieve a fully paid-off condo, and what is the earliest possible date given maximum lifestyle utility?

  • Who are the stakeholders?

Parents who will be self-sustaining for the next 10 years before retiring and requiring a certain amount of monthly maintenance allowance. Assuming parents to be living and requiring maintenance for the foreseeable future after 2034.

The spouse who might or might not be present, with unknown income/expense conditions.

Children who might or might not be present, with only increasing monthly maintenance from year 0 up to year 21.

Employees over the period of working years up until Mr. John reaches 70 years old retirement age.

Government bodies like CPF will reduce income liquidity and reserve a portion in CPF for the purchase of the property.

Economic conditions dictate the inflation rate, interest rate, and property price index.