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Development of strategies

of strategies to implement the appropriate actions

risk is an occasion which has some effect on any of your undertaking
goals, for example, scope, cost, quality, and schedule on the off
chance that it happens; this effect can be negative or positive. A
risk is an unplanned occasion which could conceivably happen, however
you need to discover such occasions during the arranging stage and
build up an arrangement to oversee them.

risk is known as a positive risk or opportunity if the effect is
certain which you might need to complete. The risk is known as a
negative risk or danger if the effect is negative, and for this
situation, you will need to decrease its effect. As risk contrast in
different area of library, strategies to oversee them likewise shift


context of specific ministry areas

ethical decisions are made within the context of specific ministry
areas. For example: As the youth pastor, you find out that three of
your small group leaders engaged in under‐age drinking at a recent
party. Members of the congregation are aware of this and have asked
you to address and resolve this situation. (Do not use this example
for your presentation.)

and research an ethical issue within your own ministry context, i.e.,
Christian ministry, urban ministry, and youth and family ministry.
Also, research ethical decision‐making models, and chose one that
would be applicable to your specific area of ministry.

15‐20 slides, create a presentation for a team of which you would
be the leader. In the presentation, include the following: 

1802/7002ICT Assignment 3 – Design

Assignment 3 – Design



purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to apply
the concepts of systems design to a practical scenario involving a
business information system.


may work in a team of up to two (2) people.


this assignment, you will undertake a systems design for the proposed
system from Assignments 1 and 2.

assignment must build upon Assignments 1 and 2.



Initially there were several resources that were overallocated within
the proposed Microsoft Project Plan. Microsoft Project detected the
overallocation and indicated which resources were overallocated. The
resources that were overallocated on the project plan were the
Administrative Support during the first three weeks of the project,
the Project Manager within weeks 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7, the Quality
Control Manager within weeks 6 and 7. As a result, there were two
different options the project team was faced with in order to resolve
the issue around overallocated resources. The first option was to add
additional resources and the second option was to adjust the hours.

When considering both of the options, the project team did not feel
that adjusting the hours would suffice since the number of h

create a symposium brochure

Begin to create a symposium brochure
Begin to compose a symposium script and instrument for audience feedback.Create and Discuss 3 New Laws (that either adds to or changes our Constitution). Get creative and come up with three (3) new laws or amendments the US Constitution. You are to come up with new laws or changes to other laws (this is up to you). What laws do you think need to be changed? Removed? Added? Why? Within discussion, students are to identify: a) What the current laws are around this issue? Why do we need this change in law? b) Who (people, political parties, states, interest groups) would be in support of your new laws? c) Who (people, political parties, states, interest groups) would be opposed to it? d) Why do you think these changes are important to America?

accordance with APA writing standards

This assignment will consist of 3500 word paper double spaced and in accordance with APA writing standards.A minimum of 7 sources are to be used. The sources that you use in this paper are to be authoritative – preferably peer reviewed literature. Web sites may be used moderately but must be reputable and authoritative.The paper should at a minimum cover the following:What is a Project?
What is Project Management?
Why do organizations need to useProject Management?
What are Project Teams?
What are the differences between aProject Leader and a Project Manager?
What are the major determinants ofProject success?
How does the Project Management concepts learned in the course thus far apply to your own professional career? (**This section of the paper should be critically reflective)Attached File: 

familiar with categorizing hazardous waste

You became familiar with categorizing hazardous waste; hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities; and remediation of old hazardous waste sites.

For this assignment, you will write an essay that discusses the following components:

the four characteristics of a hazardous waste, of which ignitability is one;

the four lists of hazardous waste, of which one is the P list;

the manifest system of tracking hazardous waste;

treatment, storage, and disposal facilities in your area;

two features of a hazardous waste landfill that are not in a municipal solid waste landfill; and
progress made by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Co

use collaborative filtering techniques

You are to use collaborative filtering techniques to predict which political party voters who have not been polled will vote for in an upcoming election. We assume that we have a large data store of voters and many attributes about the voters. Attributes includeage_group (with values of young, middle, old), gender, income_bracket (with values of under_50K, 50_150K, 150_300K, over_300K), marital_status, number_of_children, profession (with many different values), education_level (with values of no_high_school, high_school, bachelors, masters, doctor), number_of_automobiles, political_party, and state. Also assume that many voters have already been polled and the party they stated that they would vote for is also stored in the data store.
a) Design a schema for a structured cloud table such as Accumulo to represent this data.b) Write pseudocode for determining similarity calledVoterSimilarity() with signature

Instructional Guide for Developing Student

Reviewthe “Instructional Guide for Developing Student Learning Objectives” located In the College of Education Resources: Assessment Toolkit. Refer to the Wk 2 – Activities for details on how to access this.
Access and
Identifyan integrated instructional unit with which you are familiar. This might be a unit you developed for a previous course, a unit that you would like to teach, or a published instructional unit.
Identifythe academic standards and 21st-century skills that integrated instructional unit supports.
Create one high quality instructional objective for each of the following academic areas: math, reading, social studies, and science, and one high quality instructional objective for at least two different 21st-century skills. The instructional objectives need to support the integrated instructional unit and be aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) or similar standards adopted by your state.