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BUS1016 Semester Two Assignment Brief

BUS1016 Semester Two Assignment Brief

BUS1016 Semester Two Assignment Brief
The assignment for semester 2 is an individual portfolio consisting of three elements;
1. Written assignment [2,500 words]
2. Excel analysis with written commentary [1,000 words]
3. Two powerpoint slides with audio commentary [2 minutes]
The portfolio is worth 60% of the overall module marks. The weighting for the individual
elements of the portfolio are as follows:
1. Written assignment [60%]
2. Excel analysis with written commentary [30%]
3. Powerpoint slides with audio commentary [10%]
Deadline: before 4.00pm Friday 20 April 2018
Feedback: by 4.00pm on Friday 18 May 2018 via Turnitin Feedback Centre
Please upload your assignments via Turnitin (on Blackboard). For details see the
information on Blackboard in the Module Folder – Assessment Information.
Part 1. Written Assignment [2,500 w

PGBM04: International Business Environment

PGBM04: International Business Environment

Sunderland Business School
Faculty of Business and Law
PGBM04: International Business Environment
TNE Assigmment
Submission date: Tuesday 16th January 2018
This is an individual assignment. It will constitute 100% of your overall mark for the module. Please
choose ONE question from the following FOUR. You are asked to write an essay-style answer of
about 3000 words on the topic you have chosen.
You are expected to develop your own arguments within the assignment, based on your own critical
reflection, as well as your wider reading, and the discussions that have taken place during lectures
and seminars. You are also expected to draw on academic sources such as journal articles, books to
to support the arguments and analysis within your assignment.
You should also make sure that referencing and citing of sources complies with the Harva

NSG2NMR Assessment 1

NSG2NMR Assessment 1 2018

NSG2NMR Assessment 1 2018
Assessment 1 (10%). Group Assessment (500 words per student equivalent)
Topic Propose research questions about clinical practice in nursing and midwifery. Decide
upon the best a) paradigm AND b) research design to answer these questions and
discuss why this was the most appropriate approach.

Length 500 word equivalent / per student (+/-10%)
In-text references are included in word count.
Reference list is excluded from the word count.
Words in template (177) are excluded from word count
Value 10% of the total marks for NSG2NMR
SILOS 1 & 2
Due date 9.00am Thursda

Assessment Instructions

Mike Miller is a 24-year old male

Assessment Instructions
Mike Miller is a 24-year
old male who fell off his motorbike whilst riding in the bush. A riding
mate witnessed the fall and called an ambulance to transport Mike to
ED. On arrival to ED, Mike complained of pain in his lower left leg,
which had an obvious deformity, significant swelling and a 5cm lacerated
Mike’s ED admission observations were: T-36.4oC, HR-90bpm,
RR-22pm, BP-136/72mmHg, O2-95% RA, and pain score 10/10 on movement.
Mike is allergic to latex (causing pruritus and welts), is not on any
medications, and has no other medical problems noted.
Mike was given
opioid analgesia in ED for his pain, and the ED x-ray confirmed the
diagnosis of an open fracture of the left tibia and fibula. After review
by the orthopaedic team, it was arranged for Mike to undergo surgery
for open reduction and internal f

NCS2101 Sample essay preparation

NCS2101 Sample essay preparation

NCS2101 Sample essay preparation


Joe Bloggs (DOB: 06/01/1993) was admitted to the ward for a routine
appendicectomy, after c/o severe pain in his right lower quadrant. On
arrival Joe’s observations were: T-36.8oC, HR-80bpm, RR-20pm,
BP-132/72mmHg, O2-97% RA, pain score 7/10.  Joe is allergic to sulphurs
(causing a rash), is not on any medications, and has no other medical
problems or significant family history.
You have been looking after
Joe since his return to the ward post-operatively at 13:40hrs. He is
awake and alert, and he has a dressing on his right lower abdomen, with
minimal sanguineous ooze evident. Joe’s observations on return to ward
were: T-36.3oC, HR-70bpm, RR

the content of your assignment

Below is some guidance for the content of your assignment.

Below is some guidance for the content of your assignment.
In the
IT Practical during the week commencing 12 February you will analyse the
2014 spreadsheet of DLHE Data (attached the file in my next mail)
[Destination of Leavers from Higher Education] for graduates of
Newcastle University. Use the Excel skills from the seminar to analyse
the data from the 2015/16 spreadsheets and convert this into information
to respond to the 3 points you are being asked to report on.
You are
being asked to identify the data from the 2015 and 2016 spreadsheets
and present the information in a visual form (i.e., charts and graphs),
AND provide a supporting commentary of no





Course Name SIT50416
Diploma of Hospitality Management
Subject/module Human Resources Management 2
Assessment method Part A: Written Assessment
Part B: Written or Oral Questions
Weighting 50%
Units of Competency SITXHRM004
Recruit, Select and Induct Staff
Roster Staff
1. Assessments should be completed as per your trainer’s in

SIT740 Research and Development

SIT740 Research and Development

In this task you will apply the Design Science Research Methodology (DSRM) to write a research proposal
and solve a particular problem.
Submit the following files to Doubtfire:
A PDF document with your proposal (500 words)
Write a short research proposal (500 words) on an IT prototype system to solving one of the following
problems, include at least four to five references in your proposal. Your proposal should, as much as
possible, contain the components mentioned in the structure of a research proposal described earlier