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Target population

For this Assignment, you will use the Theory of Reasoned Action/Planned Behavior to design an educational plan to counter a trend within your selected topic related to your assigned target.

To prepare:

  • Download the Topics document found in your Learning Resources and select a topic from the list.
  • Review the Learning Resources.
  • Your Instructor will assign you a target population to focus on for this Assignment.

Submit a 3- to 4-page paper (not including title page and references) that includes the following:

Using the Theory of Reasoned Action/Planned Behavior, design an educational plan to counter a trend within your assigned target population related to

Intrapersonal and interpersonal levels

The Social-Ecological Model (SEM) has been used to explain/predict behavior from an ecological perspective. The focus of the SEM is to describe how specific levels of influence, as well as internal and external factors, interact to impact and shape health behavior. Using the levels of intrapersonal, interpersonal, institutional, community, and societal factors, you will be asked to apply the SEM to a specific health topic. While the topic will be assigned by your Instructor, you will select a target group to focus on.

****For the MOD 4 Assignment, you will choose a TARGET, and I will provide the TOPIC. The TOPIC for this Assignment is “malaria.” The target can be any population you choose, just address the topic of malaria with whatever target population you choose.****

To prepare:

  • Re

Leadership style

Using as a principal reference:

Title: Leadership For Health Professionals

Edition: 3rd (2017)

Author: Ledlow, Coppola

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Book

ISBN: 978-1-2841-0941-2

Chapter 2 of your text explores how to determine your own leadership style. Using the tools mentioned in the text, conduct a self-assessment of your leadership style and skills. You must reference at least two of the tools from the text. You should also include at least three supportive references in your paper, with at least one being an outside peer-reviewed source. The paper should be 4–5 pages in length, and in APA format.

Marketing materials

  • Develop the business plan and understand all key components required for successful development and implementation


You will now complete and submit the entire business plan document.

Readings and Resources

Week 1 Discussion – Standards

After completing this week’s Readings and Resources, respond to the questions below.

As you consider the Standards (i.e. ISSLC Framework and/or others) discussed in your text, where do you see the Standards at work in your school? What things are you doing that clearly meet the Standards–or at least some of them? How have you seen the Standards “at work” in guiding your school?

Your initial response is due by 11:55 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday and should be between 200-250 words. The initial posting should be a statement of your point of view on the question, supported by the required readings. You are also required to post a response to at least two of your fellow classmates per discussion forum by 11:55 p.m. Eastern Time on

Big data

In this week’s reading, the concept of 3-F Method is introduced.  Discuss the purpose of this concept and how it is calculated.  Also perform your own research/analysis using these factors and provide your assessment on whether the United States need to introduce top talents in the field of big data and cloud computing by using bibliometrics.

Organizational Dynamics

Strategic Human Resource Management

To start your Final Exam Essay/PP presentation you will develop an audio script. The audio script should be a detailed script and reflect what you would say to executives during the presentation. The script will be read/used to present human resource strategies to executives. The script will be the first part of the Capstone Project which will be added to the benchmarking and audit tools, detailed below, that can be used to assist an organization to transform the human resource function to a strategic business partner.

The introduction audio script needs to include the following:

An introduction to the Capstone Project (Final Essay)
An assessment of the knowledge and competencies that a global human resource leader should possess. Describe how the denoted knowledge a

Politics project

For the course project, you will conduct research on a comparative politics project that will require you to write a 5-page research paper in which you analyze and discuss the impact of a major political, economic, and/or social issue in Mexico, France, China, or Iran, or the United States. In your research paper, you will also provide a recommendation to resolve the major political, economic, and/or social issue that you are addressing. Select only one foreign nation as your focus.

Your task for this week is to think of some research topic options that you find interesting and browse through some research materials in the Rasmussen library. You are welcome to use outside resources, but please be sure that those resources are scholarly and credible materials.

Visual analysis

Throughout this course, we have thoroughly examined the effects visuals have on viewers. We have analyzed the sensory and perceptual responses of viewers when they see media images. In a 1-2-page APA formatted paper with an additional reference page (template here), address the following:

  1. Reflect on what you have learned about visuals and how they communicate.
  2. Discuss how you may be able to use images and visuals to communicate in your personal life and career.
  3. Summarize what you have learned about the process of visual analysis using critical reasoning and source information to identify how viewers will most likely respond to media images.
  4. Provide real-life examples to explain point of view.

Health care information protected


Discussion 3.1

Due: Initial Post due Wednesday, Replies due Sunday

Why is it so difficult to protect children on the Internet?  What are some of the challenges faced by law enforcement?  You can also list some of the challenges faced by parents.

Discussion 3.2

Due: Initial Post due Friday, Replies due Sunday

Why is health care information protected?  Find a case where health confidentiality was violated and share it with the class.