Case Study: The Broadway Cafe

Case Study: The Broadway Cafe

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This assignment will be based on the case study provided by Baltzan et al at  – the Broadway Café. You will work on this case study to help bring all of the ISO unit concepts together. We start by pretending that you have inherited your grandfather’s coffee shop that started in 1952 and still operates like it is 1952! Your group needs to bring the cafe into the 21st century. It will require that you apply a true business approach to solving issues with IS/IT and allowing you to work hands-on with many of the concepts covered in the unit, such as:

  • How to gain competitive advantage;
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM);
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP);
  • e-business; and
  • Software Development processes.

Note that you may need to make some assumptions about the nature of the work in the Broadway Café in order to complete some aspects of this assignment (based on your own experience of cafés). It is acceptable to make such assumptions, however they should all be properly documented in your wiki. For example, you could assume that your Café has a special function room. You may even like to visit some real cafés to build up your knowledge.

Assignment Questions

. Your wiki should include the following:

Part 1 – Internal and External data

Remember that an organisation creates and uses both internal and external data. Identify 5 categories of internal data and 5 categories of external data and discuss how that data is relevant to the Broadway Café.

Part 2 – Stakeholders

Describe the main business activities of the Broadway Café and the stakeholders. This should include:

  • a general description of the Broadway Café and its primary activities, using Alter’s work system framework;
    • a rich picture focussing on the human activity system (HAS) aspects of the Broadway Café and the concerns of the key stakeholders; and
    • a more complete description of the key stakeholders, including why they are stakeholders, their concerns, and their relationships with other stakeholders.

Part 3 – Competitive Advantage  

and do the Business Dilemma exercise.

Part 4 – E-business and Collaboration 

question from the following (this allows you to select a question that is relevant to your diploma/degree course):

  • – Making Business Decisions II
    • – Making Business Decisions II;
    • SCM – Making Business Decisions I;
    • – Making Business Decisions 1;
    • – Business Dilemma;
    • – Making Business Decisions I.

Part 5 – Effective use of Wikis 

As this assignment is focused on developing a wiki similar to that used in real organisations, this part requires you to do the following for the Broadway Café:

  1. pages (Frequently Asked Questions):
    1. One for customers; and
    1. Once for employees.

You need to think about the normal questions that customers might ask of a cafe and put the questions and the answers on the FAQ. Likewise for employees – what are the normal questions they might ask, and what should the answers be? You need a minimum of 4 questions with answers for each of the FAQ pages.

  • page. Once created, this page will allow your tutor to pose as a customer of the cafe. They will post three questions with the following themes:
    • A compliment related to the customer’s experience at your cafe;
    • A complaint related to the customer’s experience at your cafe; and
    • A general question about the cafe.

During this week you should do all of the following:

  1. Analyse the nature of the internal and external information that is relevant to the Broadway Café.
  2. Work out the stakeholders of the Broadway Café (week 1 classes)
  3. Drawn a rich picture for the Broadway Café (week 2 classes)

Assignment Check List week 9

During this week you should do all of the following:

  • Described the key stakeholders in more detail
  • Work out the main activities and business processes of the Broadway Café and show them in Alter’s work system framework

Assignment Check List week 10

During this week you should do all of the following:

  1. (assignment part 3)
  2. Complete the question related to e-Business (assignment part 4)

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