Case Study

Drawing from the course readings and texts, discussions, and at least three peer –reviewed document resources, prepare a 5-7 page (not including title and reference pages) “case” paper in APA format that includes two parts:

Part 1 – Your Case Study

Read the article,How to Write a Case Study, by Charles Warner.

Then prepare a case study based upon actual facts using the guidelines from Warner’s article and your experience in preparing responses to case studies. The case should pose an ethical issue that requires a student to apply ethical decision making models and theories and reach conclusions based on their own worldview.

Part 2 – Your Analysis and a Discussion Guide

Prepare a complete analysis of the case. Your analysis must:

Identify ethical issues from the case study you have created and how these issues might be approached by a minimum of three different worldviews to include a biblical worldview.

Propose how the case could be approached and resolved through the application of the Values-Aligned Leadership model.

Prepare an instructor’s discussion guide sufficient for use in a classroom that includes the following:

The issues you would expect students to raise in analyzing and responding to the case.

The elements of the discussion of traditional ethical theory you would expect the student to include.

The elements of the discussion of worldview you would expect the student to include.

Agrading guideline for grading student responses to the case