Case Study

Checklist for the Professor Proposes Case Study

You should check each box on the left indicating that you have completed the tasks or actions listed in the box on the right. You need not include this checklist in your report; it is only for your use to help you decide if you have covered all important aspects of the case study.

Did you read the file “How to do a case study?” If not then you start off losing points.

Have you read carefully the case study on the Professor Proposes Case Study? If not you have no idea what this case study is about.

Have you created dummy variables for all alphabetic data in the database? This means did you assign numbers to the alphabetic characters, such as “Color” I could be 4, and E could be 3 and so on.

Have you kept track of your coding scheme so that you will know what number relates to which variable? Remember: Any alphabetic data will not be processed by StatTools.

You need not code Wholesaler” it is no germane to this case study.

Have you divided your data base into three – the original data with all of the stones – you will use this to figure out if the professor was quoted a price on. Then did you separate your database into the less expensive versus more expensive stones? These you will use to recommend a stone(s) for the professor that he could have purchased.

Have you then used the entire database (all stones) and run a multiple regression using the variables found in Exhibit 2 to determine if the ring the professor was quoted was a fair price or an unfair price. Remember to state why you believe this price was fair or unfair in the case study report.

Regardless of your answer for #5, have you run a series of linear regressions on both the less and more expensive data sets, determining which variables contribute the most to the r-squared value?

Then have you then combined those variables that contribute the most (r-squared is more than .5) into a multiple regression to determine which variables provide you the highest total r-squared?

Can you then recommend a larger and/or smaller stone/ring that the professor could purchase for his intended? Be sure to state how you arrived at this recommendation(s) and justify your selection(s) in the case study report.

Do you have a summary/abstract that is no more than 300 words that says what is the problem you are trying to solve, what research (a few words only) you did, and what decision you reached? Remember, this is worth 10 points out of 67 or 15% of the total grade for this case study report.

Did you use any assumptions for this case study report? If so, did you list them?

Do you have research on similar companies such as GIA and large jewelers – no more than a page or so?

Did you explain in your case study report how you calculated your regressions – the software you used?

Did you include your regression output as part of your report and does it contain your name and date on that output?

Do you have a citation page that lists all of the resources that you have used, including the original case study report?

Do each of your tables or graphs have a number and a title? (e.g., Figure 1. The Professor Proposes – Regression Output All Stones)

Is your report between 9 and 15 pages long?

Have you run spell check on your report before you turned it in, and have you actually read it?

Did you include any imbedded files in your report – if so delete them.

Is your file a Word file? If not don’t send it. No pdf or other types of files.

Do you have more than one file to send? If so don’t send any additional files, only one Word file will be accepted.