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BSBHRM531 Coordinate health and wellness programs

Task 2 – Written Report

Task summary

This assessment is to be completed using the ihBC Campus as case study. This assessment task requires the student to research and analyse employee health issues and write the required reports in this assessment.


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Computer with Microsoft Office and internet access


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This completed workbook.

Assessment criteria

For your performance to be deemed satisfactory in this assessment task, you must satisfactorily address all the assessment criteria. If part of this task is not satisfactorily completed, you will be asked to complete further assessment to demonstrate competence.

Re-submission opportunities

You will be provided feedback on your performance by the Assessor. The feedback will indicate if you have satisfactorily addressed the requirements of each part of this task.

If any parts of the task are not satisfactorily completed, the assessor will explain why, and provide you written feedback along with guidance on what you must undertake to demonstrate satisfactory performance. Re-assessment attempt(s) will be arranged at a later time and date.

You have the right to appeal the outcome of assessment decisions if you feel that you have been dealt with unfairly or have other appropriate grounds for an appeal.

You are encouraged to consult with the assessor prior to attempting this task if you do not understand any part of this task or if you have any learning issues or needs that may hinder you when attempting any part of the assessment.

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Task 2 – Written Report

In this assessment, you are going to research and analyse, plan, coordinate and evaluate a health and wellness program for ihBC Campus.

In this assessment, you are going to research report and analyse, plan, coordinate and evaluate a health and wellness program for ihbc campus.

Part A – Research and analyse employee health issues

Based on a recent CIPD’s report: “Health and Well-being at work survey 2020”. you are required to study this research report and analyse employee health issues that may affect ihbc organization.

Please download the CIPD report in pdf available on Canvas “Announcement” page

You need to:

Identify the three (3) top health and well-being issues in the report and record the issues as a reference for ihBC.

Review findings and their implications for ihBC and its business objectives

Consult relevant stakeholders and develop options for addressing identified health issues

Agree preferred options with required stakeholders

Use the template below to record your research on employee health issues, findings and implications to ihBC Campus and its business objectives, options for addressing health issues, and agreed preferred options with stakeholders.

Survey health & well-being issues

Findings and implications to ihBC and its business objectives

Survey Report Top No. 1

Survey Report Top No. 2

Survey Report Top No. 3

Options for addressing health issues

Agreed preferred options with stakeholders

Part B – Develop a program management plan

Using the template below, develop an Employee Health and Wellness Program Management Plan to address the employee health issues identified in Part A of this assessment. In your Employee Health and Wellness Program Management Plan, make sure to:

Develop program scope and objectives in consultation with relevant industry consultants, colleagues and managers

Plan and create administrative structures and resources for program

Establish program responsibilities and clearly communicate to all stakeholders

Consult relevant stakeholders and plan communications and marketing strategies

Establish evaluation methods, develop a program management plan and communicate this plan to stakeholders

Employee Health and Wellness Program Management Plan

Scope and objectives

Administrative structures and resources


Communications and marketing strategies

Evaluation methods and continuous improvement strategies

Part C – Coordinate program management plan

Assume that you have just coordinated a program management plan for ihBC Campus. Write a 250-word report on how you have:

Prepared policy documents and coordinate strategies in conjunction with program team members

Coordinated support, assistance and mentorship to relevant stakeholders

Monitored tracking systems according to program guidelines

Reached program milestones according to program management plan and provide regular progress reports to stakeholders

Program Coordination Report

Part D – Evaluate and improve program management plan

Write a 250-word Program Management Plan Evaluation Report on how you are going to evaluate the program management plan. In your report, make sure to:

Use agreed evaluation methods to assess effectiveness of program at specific stages

Communicate information from program evaluation process to stakeholders

Incorporate evaluation process and outcomes into continuous improvement strategies, enterprise agreements and future corporate plans

Program Management Plan Evaluation Report