Capable of accessing internet from mobile devices

With the number of people now capable of accessing the Internet from mobile devices, it is crucial that organisations develop mobile versions of their Web sites. Whether you have experience developing mobile Web sites or have merely browsed them as an end user, you are probably aware that they can be very different from fully fledged Web sites. Not only are there several variations of mobile devices, but they all have different viewports, browsers, software and restrictions. Developing a mobile Web site is no small undertaking.

Consider the organisation you work for or one with which you are familiar. Based on the type of business the organisation does/is, what would be the best way to either introduce or improve its mobile Web site? More importantly, how could you do this in a manner that would improve how the organisation reaches its different groups of target users? The assignment is to, develop a plan that answers these questions and evaluates the viability of concentrating your mobile Web development on smartphone users.

Submit a report in which you plan a strategy for introducing or improving a mobile Web site in your organisation (or an organisation with which you are familiar). Your report must outline how your choice of strategy will affect the ability of the organisation to reach different groups of users. Base your strategy on an analysis of these different user groups and evaluate how they are best reached and why these methods are ideal. Additionally, evaluate whether concentrating on smartphone users with WebKit browsers is a viable option for your type of business.

For all Assignments:

The document should have 1000-1250 words and 10 references using the Harvard Liverpool Referencing System.

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