Buying decisions major element in determining

Buying decisions are a major element in determining how to satisfy customers’ needs more effectively than the competition. With this in mind, prepare a report for the Senior Buyer of JD Sports which

  •  Evaluates the purchasing strategy
  •  Critically discusses the selection and assortment choices
  •  Sensibly suggests assortment variations and products for future purchase. The report should be 1500 words in length and be set out in the following way:
  •  Title page
  •  Contents page
  • Introduction
  •  Purchasing strategy
  • Current selection and assortment
  •  Future assortment variations and proposed products
  •  Conclusions
  •  References

The report is asking you to cover the purchasing strategy, purchasing variables and the retail assortment plan, finishing with a forward focus for the retailer. Give enough attention to areas that will you will be specifically marked against: Marking Scheme Breadth and relevance of research Level of analysis/application of theory Conclusions (and recommendations) Clarity, structure, grammar, correct referencing 35% 35% 20 % 10%

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