Business Research Methods

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BA5004 – Business Research Methods
Assignment 3
This coursework component is in two parts (Part one and Part two) and you
should attempt both parts (contributes 50% to the overall module mark
Advice to students
This is a Turnitin assessment and students should submit their
assignment as a single WORD file.
Ensure each part starts on a separate page.
For part
one, make sure that each of the FIVE sub-sections should start
on a separate page.
For part
two, there are two case studies (1 and 2). Make sure that each case
study starts on a separate page.
All references should be presented in the HARVARD referencing style.
The Deadline for this coursework is Monday 25thApril 2022 before 3:00 p:m
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Part one 25% of total marks
Title: An examination of users and non-users of self-checkout counters
In this part, you are asked to refer to and familiarise yourself with the research article entitled “An
examination of users and non-users of self-checkout counters” and respond to the requirements

1. Aim and Research questions
Explain briefly, the aim of this research article and state the research questions chosen by
the authors of this research paper. [Max: 100 words]

2. Survey instrument
A. Referring to the “Survey instrument” used in this study, explain how this instrument was
organised and name each section. [Max: 100 words]
B. Refer to the second section of this instrument, name the concept that is measured and in
how many factors it was subdivided. How many items form each factor? [Max: 50 words]
C. The article refers to the Cronbach