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TOP 100
Business Communication

Course Code:TOP 100
Total Points:100

Indication of exam components:
(Completed by professor)

Distribution of Marks:Score:
Q1. Scenario Based Questions – 35 pointsOut Of : 100 points
Q2. Case Based Questions – 50 pointsFinal Grade:
Q3. Multiple Choice Questions – 15 pointsGPA:

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 All the answers must be written in the electronic examination script book provided.
 Ensure that your name and student number are written correctly on the examination
script book, attempt all questions .
 Exam Conditions start NOW.
 Answers with Diagram fetch extra consideration, please metnion the source of
 All the questions are mandatory to answer.
 The Final submissions date for TOP 100 – Effective Business Communication exam
is on 1st August 2016 on or before 6:00PM. Any exam paper received after the
deadline will not be accepted.
 No extension will be granted without proper documentary evidences. Answer script
is subject to mandatory plagiarism check. Any answer scripts found plagiarized
will be graded ‘0’ and the student will have to repeat the examination by paying a
penalty of AED 1000
 You are not supposed to use any material or other resources which has not been
authorised for the exam. You are reminded that PLAGIARISM clause is in place as a
part of assessment discipline.
 Mention Correct Question and Sub Question Number for accurate correction.
 Answer the correct selection of MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) and all other
answers in electronic answer script supplied. Once you are done with your
examination, save the answer script as first name_last name_student ID
number_01_AUG_2016 & send it as a normal email with an attachment to
[email protected]
 Class Activities does not contain any marks, it was for your own reference.
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Question 1
Read the scenario given below and answer the questions that follow:
Scenario on Conflict
Linda Sims is the manager of the accounting department and Jose Martinez is the manager of the
sales department for a production company. This is a fast growing firm, and the staff of the
accounting department (11 employees) is often over whelmed with work.
Since the accounting department is located immediately next to the credit department, Ruth
Rankin, the administrative assistant in credit, sometimes works on journal entries assigned to her
by Sims.
The company has experienced especially rapid growth over the past six months, which has
caused everyone to be busier than usual. With the increase in sales volume, the credit office is
under pressure to process applications more quickly, and Rankin is available to help Sims out
with accounting overflow less often.
Sims complains to Martinez that she needs Rankin to work in accounting more than he needs her
in credit. Martinez’ response is “if I can’t move the credit applications through the pipeline in a
timely manner, soon there’ll be no need for an accounting department, because this company
will be out of business.”

What is the cause of this conflict?(15 points)
What style did Sims initially use? If you were Sims, how would you approach Martinez in this
situation?(20 points)

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Question 2
Read the scenario given below and answer the questions that follow:
Case on Negotiation
Wheeling and Dealing: The Zirconia GT
It was a beautiful Summer day, typical of early June in Rochester, when Marcia Mirsk
pulled into the dealership. She came directly from her service station, where the mechanic gave
her 1980 Chevy Cavalier two to three months left to live. Without much thought, she got out of
her rusting heap and began to peruse the new cars. Within seconds, a nicely dressed, middleaged man approached her, introduced himself as Darrel DeRidder, and asked, “What can I do
for you today?”
“Well, I just started looking because my car is about to fall apart. I’m not really sure
what I want,” Marcia replied honestly.
Seizing the opening, Darrel whisked Marcia way from the practical into the sporty. He showed
her the red Zirconia GT, a little sports coupe with a not-so-little price . “This baby ‘s loaded :
sunroof, A/C, power steering, power brakes, AM/FM Quad stereo, magnesium hubs, full
options package. They’ve been very popular with our ‘young professional’ customers, ” he
added, knowing full well that there would be a $400 bonus waiting for him if he unloaded this
overloaded model that had been stuck on the lot for weeks.
Marcia could hardly contain her excitement. “I’ve always wanted a car like this!” she
exclaimed, her eyes reflecting genuine enthusiasm .
“Hey, take it for a test drive and tell me what you think” Darrel tossed her the keys and
sat back to prepare his strategy .
Marcia returned, her hair tousled (she had obviously tried out the sunroof) and looking as if
she had genuinely enjoyed the drive. “How did you like it?” Darrel asked, knowing full well
how the Zirconia would outclass a 1980 Cavalier.
“Nice … really nice,” she responded, “but it’s a little more than I need.” It was
obviously wise to guard her true feelings. “How much is it?”
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There, the question had finally been asked. “The sticker price, including all options and
dealer preparation, is $15,750.” Darrel noticed the immediate slumping of her shoulders. “Of
course, there is a $1,000 factory rebate or 2.9% manufacturer’s financing available.” She was
still looking at the ground. “And you do have a trade-in. Let’s have a look!” With that, the
wind was returning to her sails, and something of her previous smile returned to her face.
“Not too bad. I think that we could give you $1,000 for it. Of course, I’ll have to have
rny ‘trade-in specialist’ look at it. Can I give him your keys so he can check it out more
closely?” Darrel asked. Marcia handed them over and they walked back over to the Zirconia
GT. This time Marcia looked more closely at the sticker. ”l know what Suggested Retail Price,
options, and rustproofing are, but what are the charges: $300 for A.D.M. and $200 for
“Well, A.D.M is a dealer prep charge; for instance, cleaning and checking the car out,” he
admitted, acting a bit annoyed at such an obvious question.
“And the N.D.A.?” Marcia persisted.
“That’s the National Dealer Advertising charge, for those ads on TV. Advertising is very
expensive for us, you know.”
Marcia paused a moment. $15,750 was a lot of money for her budget. Finally she began to
speak, “Even with the trade-in, the price is ….” Sensing that the intoxicating new-car aroma
was beginning to wear off, Darrel interrupted, ”I’ll give you the rustproofing, fabric finish, and
floor mats at cost That’s $300 off, only $13,450 for the car after trade-in.”
“l don’t know,” Marcia said, with Darrel’s arithmetic going by pretty quickly .
“Come back into my office ond we’ll work this out.” With that, Darrel led her into a small
office near the rear of the dealership. He spent the next fifteen minutes convincing her that she
could not find a better deal on such a popular car.
Suddenly, Marcia interrupted with conviction. ”I really don’t need the magnesium
wheels, Quad stereo, or most of the options, ” Darrel was surprised by her sudden assertiveness.
He explained that the car was a package and that they just couldn’t take the options out of it for
her. Marcia was beginning to feel claustrophobic. With no windows and the door shut, she
wondered if she would ever get out of this small office. With a mental start, she realized that
even if she escaped, she no longer had her keys.
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Seeing that he wasn’t getting anywhere, Darrel decided to go for broke . ”Since you’re such a
nice person, and I would like to help you out, I’ll give you the wheels and the stereo at cost if
you take the car today. That’s another $400 off, $2,700 off sticker price, or $13,050 with your
“I am not sure that I can afford that much,” Marcia responded .
“How much can you spend per month on your car?”
“Under $350.”
“Well, we can stretch the payments out to four years and that makes it only, let’s see , .. $337 a
month. What do you say?” As Darrel leaned over his desk awaiting her response, Marcia began
to reconsider buying a new car, especially without shopping around first. She got up to make
her escape and to thank Darrel for his time when he blurted out, “Are you a first-time new car
“Why . . . yes,” Marcia answered .
“I almost forgot,” Darrel announced, “I can offer you $300 off invoke just to get your
business and begin what I’m sure will be a long-term relationship with this dealership. Even if
we don’t make anything on this car, we’re in it for the long haul. This will bring the payments
down to $329. You can’t beat that; the car you want at your price, But we have to make the
deal today. There has been a lot of interest in that particular Zirconia and I’m not sure how
long it will be around.” That was just enough to halt her exit; besides, at this point, Darrel was
really trying to help her out. Marcia took the deal.
“Just let me clear this with my sales manager,” Darrel explained as he left the room.
When he returned, he was solemn. “He didn’t go for it. He got after me for getting carried
away, especially with the new buyer discount. Bottom line, he says you can’t have the new car
buyer discount and the options at cost.” Marcia was angry with the sales manager, but
empathized with Darrel’s predicament and agreed to his suggested solution of giving up the
magnesium wheels. After a quick check, Darrel indicated with evident relief that the sales
manager had accepted .
Now it was time for the paperwork. Darrel began by filling in the sales discount.
Marcia noticed an $80 processing fee, but she did not mention it because it was printed on the
form and therefore must have been a standard charge. Darrel filled in the proper price,
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$15,750, and the $1,000 factory rebate, but then wrote in a mysterious $105 charge . “What’s
that?” Marcia inquired .
“Oh, I forgot about that. That’s the paint sealant we put on all our cars to
protect our customer’s investment,’ Darrel replied.
The next line was the trade-in value for which Darrel had to check with his “trade-in specialist.”
Darrel left the room and returned with the specialist who stated that the 1980 Cavalier was in
worse shape than Darrel had thought and the dealer could only offer $500 for it and would
probably lose money even at that price. Marcia thought back to the morning. Five hundred
dollars was close to what her mechanic said it was worth, so she had to agree.
Darrel said that he felt terrible. “I thought that we could get more for it, but he’s the expert.”
Darrel added, “You know, with a new car like that, you really should have an extended
warranty. I have a 6-year/60,000-mile warranty available on the Zirconia. We usually sell it
for $750, but since I was wrong on the trade-in, you can have it for $500.” Knowing that she
would have the car for a long time (the payments alone would last four years), she took him up
on the offer.
“Now just take this over to the finance department and I’ll meet you out front with your new
car. It’s been a pleasure.” With that, Darrel smiled and led Marcia to the finance window.
The finance manager looked over her papers and asked Marcia to sign on the dotted line.
A last check of the forms revealed a $230 life insurance fee, which would pay off her auto loan
if she died before she could . Angered by this late addition, Marcia thought back over her threehour ordeal and, not feeling too well, reasoned that life insurance might not be such a bad
investment after all. So with a sigh of relief, she signed the papers not knowing how much she
really paid for the car or whether or not she got a good deal.
1. Was it a good deal for Marcia? Why or why not? Give reasons. (15 points)
2. Would you call it a win- win negotiation/deal or not? Give reasons. (10 points)
3. What were Darrel’s strengths & weaknesses as a negotiator? (10 points)
4. If you were in place of Marcia, how would you have proceeded with the negotiations
(assuming that you did want to buy the Zirconia GT). Give your answer quoting specific
instances from the case. (15 points)
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Question 3
Multiple Choice Questions: (15 points)
1. _____ is what happens when your own thoughts occupy your attention while you are hearing, or
reading, a message.
a. Unintentional distraction
b. Unconditional stimulation
c. Brain reflex
d. Reflective distortion
e. Psychological noise
2. Fred is narrating his idea to his supervisor on how to improve the quality of the work in his
department. Priscilla, his supervisor, listens intently, perceives his point of view, interprets his
suggestions, and relates the interpretation to her own idea of quality improvement. What is
Priscilla doing?
a. Reviewing
b. Understanding
c. Providing feedback
d. Moderating
e. Quantifying
3. _____ is the stimulus or meaning produced by the source for the receiver.
a. Inference
b. Deduction
c. Response
d. Logic
e. Message
4. _____ is the physical atmosphere where the communication occurs.
a. Context
b. Platform
c. Medium
d. Environment
e. Stage
5. _____ is using someone else’s writing without giving credit to the source.
a. Copyrighting
b. Plagiarism
c. Misrepresentation
d. Collusion
e. Academic dishonesty
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6. A mental review of the task and your performance is called _____.
a. feedback
b. performance review
c. introspection
d. reflection
e. task analysis
7. Rita is asked to prepare a document on workplace politics. She approaches her mentor and
reveals that she is quite apprehensive of her ability to deliver. On probing, her mentor finds that
Rita was a victim of organizational politics in her earlier organization and thus finds the topic a
bit difficult to handle without being subjective. Rita’s difficulty can be attributed to:
a. fear of failure.
b. fear of the unknown.
c. lack of critical thinking.
d. negative orientation.
e. confirmation bias.
8. Which of the following is not a suggested technique to catch reader attention?
a. In an e-mail, use a subject line that tells the reader the gist of your message.
b. For a report, use boldface headings as signposts for the main sections and their subsections.
c. Format items on a list with bullets rather than listing them in sentences.
d. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that indicates what the paragraph discusses.
e. Make your headings catchy and enigmatic to incite the curiosity of the reader.
9. Structuring your document by _____ shows a series of events or steps in a process, which
typically has a beginning, middle, and end.
a. comparison
b. contrast
c. time
d. space
e. elimination
10. Which of the following about formal styles is true?
a. They often require more detail.
b. They reflect everyday speech patterns.
c. They include contractions.
d. They include colloquial expressions.
e. They use shortcuts like contractions.
11. Which of the following statements about introductions is true?
a. The direct pattern introduces your main idea after the opening paragraph.
b. The indirect pattern states the main purpose at the beginning.
c. The direct pattern can be useful if you need a strong opening to get the attention of what you
perceive may be an uninterested audience.
d. The direct pattern leaves little room for misinterpretation.
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e. Normally, if you expect a positive response from the reader you will choose an indirect
12. Which of the following about appeal is false?
a. You may find the prospect of discussing a topic not very interesting, and if you feel this way,
it will come through in your speech.
b. You need to find your topic appealing in order to convey this appeal to your audience.
c. Find something that catches your interest, and that same spark is what you will cultivate to
develop ways to stimulate the spark of curiosity in your audience.
d. It follows that appeal applies to the audience, not to the speaker.
e. You should consider an appealing way to start your speech, and should look for ways
throughout your speech to reaffirm that appeal to the audience.
13. Which of the following about the thesis statement is false?
a. It should reflect consideration of the audience.
b. It should be a single idea.
c. It should use specific language.
d. It should be an interrogative statement.
e. It should be a complete sentence.
14. _____ is the tendency to view other cultures as inferior to one’s own.
a. Prototype
b. Cultural diversity
c. Stereotype
d. Imperialism
e. Ethnocentrism
15. In communication, _____ occurs when you convey thoughts, feelings, ideas or insights to others.
a. reviewing
b. understanding
c. feedback
d. sharing
e. moderating
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