Business Case

Business Case

Case Description/Name




This is the first thing that anyone will read but it is the last thing that you write. It is a summary of what you write in the body of the business case. As a summary, it SUMMARISES what you have written in the body of the case. You must, therefore, write the body of the case first.

It must include:

  • Current situation/why changes are needed
  • New situation – envisaged results
  • What is required from management

The Body

DO NOT USE THIS AS THE NAME OF THE BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Organisational Procedures

State the policies and procedures that have to be followed – management understand, then, that you are aware and following these in this business case.

Current Data Gathered

This must be based on your survey (remember the survey outline) which must be included as an appendix to this business case.

Current computing resources

Current ICT capacity

Future computing needs

Potential improvement

Existing Situation

High-light a need for your solution here

Legal issues and limitation

Ethical issues

Organisational issues and limitations

Options and Solutions

Indicate your proposed solution


Possible Solutions

Risk Analysis


Mitigation Strategies


Cost/Benefit Analysis


Additional Personnel?


Disruption to the business?

Timeframes and milestones

How long before:

  • System up and running
  • certain benefits arise

Date by which a particular event must occur

Capacity and Capability

Lead in text before any table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Specialist Advice

State the advice provided and support available following organisational procedures. This could include:

  • IT Consultants
  • Cloud provider support
  • Legal advice
  • Accounting advice

Operational Impact

Both positive and negative impacts with mitigation strategies. Include issues such as:

  • Employee support or otherwise
  • Connectivity concerns
  • Continuity, maintenance, workability of existing systems
  • parallel run of systems
  • additional workload


Every manager who has a say must sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There should be no new information in this section. All you can do is re-iterate and conclude on information already supplied in the body of the case.

Outline the main/key points (from the body)

State your recommendation

Re-emphasize the benefits


Use the APA style of referencing


Supporting information/data go into the appendices.

The survey

Information from IT consultants (e.g. off the net)

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