Business Activity Statement (BAS)

This is what is required, set my name up in Xero, Nicole Montgomery (must be set up in my name) Instructions need to be followed as per the work book and then do the Xero Work book and exercises and save any exercises that need to be saved for uploading later on for Complete Business activity and instalment activity statement tasks and then generate the below reports – Please can I have someone very reliable

The following questions are based on the Xero Activity Statements Workbook.

NOTE: Use the Xero workbook is in place of Chapter 7 of the Charles & Deaner textbook.

Q 7.1: Business Activity Statement (BAS)

1. Generate the GST Reconciliation Report for the current financial year. Publish the report in Xero and save a copy in PDF format with the file name ‘GST Reconciliation Report’.

2. Generate the General Ledger Exceptions report for the current financial year. Save the report in PDF format using the file name ‘GL Exceptions’.

3. Set the Financial Settings for Your Name (sole trader) as reporting GST quarterly on a cash basis.

4. Set the Financial Settings of PAYG Withholding for reporting on a quarterly basis

5. Generate the Payroll Activity Summary for this financial year and save this report in PDF format using the file name ‘PAS – this year’

6. Generate the Full BAS for this financial quarter and enter $5,000 for the PAYG Instalment for this quarter. No adjustments are required for this BAS.

7. Publish the Full BAS in Xero and save in PDF format using the file name ‘Full BAS – this quarter’

8. Generate the Simpler BAS activity statement in PDF format for the previous financial quarter (workbook)

Q 7.2: Instalment Activity Statement (IAS)

1. Set the Financial Settings of PAYG Withholding for reporting on a monthly basis

2. Generate the Payroll Activity Summary for this month and save this report in PDF format using the file name ‘PAS – this month’

3. Generate the IAS for this month and use the figures from the Payroll Activity Summary (item 2 above) to complete the PAYG Tax Withheld section of the IAS. ** See note on next page **

4. Publish the IAS in Xero and save in PDF format using the file name ‘IAS – this month’

All of the above PDF documents are compulsory for your assignment submission, together with the Full BAS and Payroll Activity Summary for the previous quarter (completed in the workbook), the IAS for the previous month (completed in workbook) and the Simpler BAS for the previous quarter (workbook). These documents must be merged into one PDF file for uploading to LMS.

Xero Assignment Documents

Instructions for merging the nine (9) PDF documents into one PDF file follow this page.

The documents generated from the workbook and this assignment are to be merged in the following order:

  1. Full BAS – last quarter (Accrual)
  2. IAS – last month (Accrual)
  3. GST Reconciliation report
  4. General Ledger (GL) Exceptions
  5. PAS – this financial year
  6. Full BAS – this quarter (Cash)
  7. PAS – this month
  8. 8. IAS – this month **
  9. Simpler BAS – last quarter

NOTE: Reports submitted with the name ‘Demo Company AU’ will not be assessed.

** IAS this month: in the last month of each financial quarter, where the business is reporting GST quarterly and PAYG withholding monthly, the BAS generated will automatically combine & report both taxes into one activity statement. That is, separate activity statements are not produced.

For example, running an ‘IAS’ for the ‘current month’ in the December quarter (September to December) will result in the words ‘Business Activity Statement’ appearing on the report. This appearance is acceptable for assessment purposes.

See next page for PDF merge instructions


  1. Go to
  2. Click on Merge PDF
  1. Click on the Select PDF files button to locate the PDF files from your hard drive

Continue clicking on ‘Select PDF files’ until you have added all PDF documents to be merged.

  1. Click on the Merge PDF button
  1. When the following message appears, click on the Download merged PDF button. This will automatically download the document for saving to your hard drive.
  1. Save the document with the file name Your Name – Activity Statements

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