BUS6003: International Management

Subject BUS6003: International Management

Task 2: Presentation reflection report

Write up your own reflection (or conclusions), based on the task 1 PowerPoint
presentation, as to the key effects of regional cultural issues on the corporate
organizational culture of this multinational company as it conducts its business internationally.

Task 3: Individual written assignment tasks (50% of the final grade)

As a result of research conducted in 2001, Govindarajan and Gupta (2001 cited in Ferrazzi 2014, p2) found that 82% of Global Virtual Teams fell short of their goals and 33% rated themselves as largely unsuccessful.

Prepare a report that critically discusses the evidence about why such teams might fail and the factors that maximize success for a global virtual team.
In answering this question, you should engage with key concepts and research
signposted in module material and your own extensive reading.

You should also consider the extent to which factors that lead to success with global virtual are one and the same as those that lead to success for homogenous, ‘traditional’ teams.

Your considerations need to be backed up by extended reading of academic
scholarly work and must not be based upon your opinion. You will also be provided with a planning framework with which to plan how you will respond to Task 3