Use of Technology in Business

(VoiceThread Presentation)

Creating a VoiceThread Presentation on your current midterm paper to be placed in the lobby of SPS. Staff, students and guests who enter the lobby should be able to view your VT and learn about the technology your group is showcasing. This is NOT a technical presentation, but one where one learns about the technology and explains your paper in a VT PowerPoint presentation.

The VT presentation should be user friendly, engaging, and the user should want to stay at your presentation to learn about your technology. It should be consistent, working in all browsers, videos embedded, closed captioned and any supplemental material should be thoroughly tested.

You are going to make a 12-14 slide presentation on the topic you have written about in your midterm paper. This final presentation will be imported into VoiceThread and I will explain this in a few weeks. Once in VoiceThread, you will make your comments to add to the presentation (similar to the way we have been doing this term). This will be the same effect as if you were presenting this to a live audience.

You will be using video comments and you can do this for each slide you wish to talk about or have one video comment taking us through the entire presentation! Your presentation will introduce on the 1st slide; your name and the topic. Subsequent slides will explain the topic, how it is used in business and have examples to show this. Please include your outside research so we can all learn from your findings! You should include at least 1 embedded YouTube video and any other media in your presentations to make it interesting. Please include a few of the best references you found from your research on a slide. The end project will be on display in the lobby of SPS (this is not really happening, but you should do this assignment thinking of people coming into the lobby and viewing this!). Will someone walking away from your VT presentation find it interesting? Will they walk away learning from this presentation? Do all the videos work? Is all the commenting made within VT clear and understandable? Your final slide should include five of your most informative resources/links.

Once I explain in a few weeks how to upload in VT, you should ‘have your presentation as if you were presenting it to an audience. It will start on the 1st slide and continue with all the slides making the necessary commenting. Therefore, you will start out with a video comment and ‘present’ your entire slideshow.

Please be sure to test all videos and spellings.

When creating your PowerPoint presentation, don’t use any flying animation, slide transitions, or fancy text animation. This will not work when it is brought into VT. Please begin working on your PowerPoint presentation!

Any questions on this assignment should be in our VT PowerPoint Discussion Board.

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