BSBWOR502 Assignment 2

Assignment 2


Lead and manage team effectiveness

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Assignment 2

Develop and facilitate team cohesion

You want to pull your team together so they can achieve operational objectives. You have heard the previous manager was reluctant to involve team members in any decision making process and rarely shared information regarding the department operations and performance. They were also reported as often making promises, but failing to deliver. Some staff members are wondering if you will be the same.

Question 1

HintRead the content in the following sections of the eBook BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness to help you with this question. 2.1 Develop strategies to ensure team members have input into planning, decision making and operational aspects of work team.

You need to develop two (2) strategies to put into place to ensure your team are involved in the decision making process for the Department Store and are able to contribute to continuous improvement of operational aspects. Address how your team would be encouraged to be involved in the planning as well.

Strategies students may identify for a team to contribute to planning, decision making or the operational aspects of a company:

Question 2

HintRead the content in the following sections of the eBook BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness to help you with this question. 2.2 Develop policies and procedures to ensure team members take responsibility for own work and assist others to undertake required roles and responsibilities.

You want to ensure all team members meet their roles and responsibilities, support their fellow team mates and understand each other’s roles and responsibilities. You have decided a team performance policy and procedure will provide a good framework for your team. Using the template below, develop the policy and procedure you would like to implement for the department store.

Hint: You need to consider how you can assist others in achieving and meeting their individual roles and responsibilities.

JCGRG Team performance policy and procedure
AimsA key component of the JCGRG team performance policy is to be committed to effectiveness of teams of the highest standard to support the individual who make up the team and the outcomes required for a strong business. We will communicate our commitment to our teams listening and sharing information. JCGRG will engage with the community through our website, our community boards at our locations, and social media campaigns to raise awareness and seek feedback.
Team performance – our managers and staffOur staff and managers will take responsibility for improvements and support all reasonable requests for changes to processes for better outcomes. Contributions and communications:
Roles and responsibilities
Word/termDefinition (with examples if required)
Version control and change history
Version controlDate effectiveApproved byAmendment
V2.0XX/XXJoan BrownN/A
ProcedureTeam performance Procedure
ScopePerformance in teams
ResponsibilityAll staff.
Word/termDefinition (with examples if required)
Related policy instrumentsTeam performance policy
Approval authorityJoan BrownApproval dateXX/XX
Version noV2.0Date for next reviewXX/X1

Question 3

HintRead the content in the following sections of the eBook BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness to help you with this question. 2.3 Provide feedback to team members to encourage, value and reward individual and team efforts and contributions

Teams and team members need to be rewarded for the work they do for the organisation and the team. Both team efforts and individual efforts need to be acknowledged and valued. You should have presented this and discussed it at your kick off meeting. So everyone knows how you feel, yes? There is no need to go over it again? Yes? No! The process of developing and facilitating team cohesion is an ongoing one.

Your team has reached the third month working with you and they have been going well. So well in fact you wish to reward them. Several staff in your team are making a great effort and have improved. One such team members is Isla Mansour who has consistently been making contributions in your planning sessions even though you know she struggles when faced with change.

Using the direction you provided your team in your presentation in Assignment 1, Question 2, reward individual team members and whole team’s efforts with feedback to encourage, support and demonstrate you value their input and efforts? Reward and value both the individual and team.

In the space provided below, provide a script for the feedback you will provide Isla Mansour.

Note: You will demonstrate your ability to deliver this verbally in the next question.

Question 4

Contact your trainer/assessor or study coach to participate in a conversation on this question. A collaborative session can be conducted to record your feedback for ‘Isla’. Liaise with your trainer to arrange this.

Oral communication

Now you need to communicate using verbal skills. Roleplay a conversation with Isla based on the script you provided in Question 3. The most appropriate way to do this is with your trainer, either in class or via an online workshop. Alternatively, you may conduct a short roleplay with a friend, family member or colleague of 5 to 10 minutes in duration and record it.

For students completing this roleplay with their trainer, please record the date, time and name of the trainer who supervised your role play in the space below.

Students recording this roleplay are to submit the recording with their assignment.

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