BSBWHS605 Develop, implement

BSBWHS605 Develop, implement and maintain WHS management systems

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1. Review the simulated workplace information for Pitstop Pty Ltd provided in Appendix 1. Review the WHSMS design and WHS policy you proposed in Assessment Task

1. Prepare to plan and implement elements of the WHSMS in consultation with relevant individuals and parties.

2. Arrange with your assessor to meet with the board of directors and senior management (in a role-play) to discuss the requirements of the WHS plan: identification and control of hazards, compliance, performance monitoring, and implementation of system.

3. Lead the role-play meeting with board of directors and senior management to: a. outline requirements of WHS planning; refer to appropriate standards b. discuss and consult on procedures to manage WHS risk c. discuss and consult on compliance and standards to adhere to d. discuss and consult on WHS targets and performance measures e. describe key elements of implementation to be piloted at Wollongong store. Note: Ensure you anticipate possible issues and objections and use communication skills to build consensus and support for system.

4. Develop a 1–2 page outline of plan, containing outcomes of consultation.

5. Develop a 1–2 page draft risk assessment and control procedure. 6. Develop a draft implementation/action plan for the Wollongong store. Include: a. specific activities for: i. initial launch of WHSMS, including development of policies and procedures (safety procedures, recordkeeping procedures, etc.) ii. ongoing activities iii. training: consider current activities undertaken by staff, required activities under your plan, and capabilities of current employees iv. communication and consultation v. monitoring and reporting, such as regular safety audits

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