BSBHRM501 Manage human resources services

Assessment plan

The following outlines the requirements of your final assessment for BSBHRM501 Manage human resources services. You are required to complete all tasks to demonstrate competency in this unit.

This unit is assessed through the following:

Assessment RequirementsMethod of AssessmentDue date
Short answer questionsWritten activities/demonstrationTBA
Human resources requirements project (Part A, B, C)Project/observationTBA
Develop a service level agreement (Part A and B)Project/observationTBA
HR SurveyProject/observationTBA
Ethics case studyCase study/projectTBA

All assessments will ensure that the principles of assessment and rules of evidence are adhered to. The principles of assessment are that assessment must be valid, fair, reliable and consistent. The rules of evidence state that evidence must be sufficient, valid, current and authentic.

If reassessment is required, you will be given the chance to resubmit the assessment task. You will have up to three opportunities to resubmit each assessment task. If, after the third attempt, the assessment is still not satisfactory your trainer/assessor will make alternative arrangements for assessment.

Agreement by the student
Have you read and understood what is required of you in terms of assessment? Yes No
Do you understand the requirements of this assessment? Yes No
Do you agree to the way in which you are being assessed? Yes No
Do you have any special needs or considerations to be made for this assessment? If yes, what are they? Yes No
Do you understand your rights to appeal the decisions made in an assessment? Yes No

Student name:

Student signature: Date:

Assessor name:

Assessor signature: Date:

Assessment Task 1 – Written Questions

Resources required

  • Paper and pens

Context and conditions of assessment

The written questions will be completed in the classroom on the date specified by the assessor.

Instructions to student

Complete the questions below. You are required to answer all questions correctly. If incorrect answers are provided, your assessor will identify if there are gaps in your knowledge and understanding and will work with you to make arrangements for reassessment. Your assessor will advise you when and where the written activities are to be completed and the time you will have to answer all of the questions.

You should complete your answers on a separate piece of paper with the questions numbers clearly shown.

  1. Discuss in at least two sentences the aim and scope of the Fair Work Act 2009?
  1. Briefly describe the role of the Fair Work Commission.
  1. Briefly describe the role of the Australian Human Rights Commission.
  1. Briefly discuss the purpose and scope of the Age Discrimination Acct 2004.
  1. Briefly discuss the major objectives of the Disability Discrimination Act1992.
  1. Briefly discuss the importance of a human resources strategy.
  1. Discuss four key steps in the human resources strategic planning process. Discuss each step in at least 2 to 3 sentences.
  1. Briefly describe the purpose of performance monitoring in relation to a contract?
  1. Briefly describe the purpose of performance assessment in relation to a contract?

Assessment Task 2: Human resources requirements project

Resources required

  • Computer and Microsoft Office
  • Access to Boutique Build Strategic and Operational Plan
  • Access to the internet for research
  • Space for a meeting

Context and conditions of assessment

This assessment should be completed in the classroom as part of the simulated work environment. The assessor will advise dates for submission.

Instructions to student

All assessment activities relate to a fictional organisation, Boutique Build Australia Pty Ltd.

You are required to determine human resources strategies for Boutique Build Australia and you will need to do this by reviewing the company’s strategic plan in order to determine its goals and objectives and resulting human resources needs, as well as consulting with managers on their human resource needs.

Boutique Build Australia Pty Ltd is a boutique building company based in Sydney that specialises in the design and build of high quality designer homes for the Sydney metropolitan and surrounding areas. The company has been operational for seven years. The company employs the following staff: Managing Director, Marketing and Sales Manager, Sales Consultants (4), Office Manager, Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Assistant, Construction Manager, Site Manager (2), Production Draftsperson (2), 6 Carpenters and a range of contract staff, including plumbers, electricians, tilers, painters and plasterers. The workforce is predominantly male with the only three females employed (the Office Manger and the two Human Resources positions). As indicated in the Strategic Plan, the company wishes to increase the number of women in its workforce. Another current staff issue for the company is that while the use of contractors e.g. tillers, painters and plasterers reduces the company’s ongoing staff overheads, at times it is difficult to ensure that all the required contractors are available to work on the company’ s projects. The company’s vision as stated in its Strategic Plan is to be the best boutique home builder in Australia. Its values are listed as quality, innovation, leadership, respect and honesty and reliability. As the Human Resources Manager for the company you have been tasked by the General Manager as part of the ongoing continuous improvement of the company to review and report on human resources services.

Complete the following activities:

Part A: Prepare for the meeting

At least a week prior to the meeting, send out an Outlook invite to the Managing Director, Marketing and Sales Manager, Office Manager and Construction Manager staff inviting them to attend a meeting to discuss their human resources needs and strategies.

Note that your assessor will advise you of the students who will role play the staff members (your assessor will be the Managing Director) and the date and time that you should conduct this meeting. Your assessor will also provide you with the email addresses to send your invitation to the meeting.

Your Outlook invite should indicate the date, time and duration of the meeting as well as the purpose of the meeting, including a request to managers to consider prior to the meeting their human resources needs so that this can be discussed at the meeting. Advise managers that they should consider a range of areas as part of human resources needs, for example, workforce planning, recruitment strategies, professional development and so on.

You should inform Managers that the meeting will last for at least 30 minutes.

In preparation for the meeting you will need to research and develop a briefing report that addresses the following:

  • An analysis of the company’s strategic priorities and their relationship to human resources.
  • A PESTLE analysis that identifies and analyses external factors that affect or are likely to affect the human resources requirements of Boutique Build.
  • As the company has also identified that it would like to increase female representation in the workplace, you should also research and document potential strategies for increasing female representation.

Your briefing report should be written in clear and concise English and must address all of the above content. Your briefing report should be approximately 2 pages.

You should email your briefing report to your assessor at least 2 days prior to the meeting. You will be assessed on whether you have addressed all of the required content and whether your document is at least 2 pages and written in clear and concise English.

Part B: Conduct the meeting

At the meeting, you will need to introduce the meeting by discussing the purpose of the meeting, as well as providing all attendees with the briefing paper.

Review the briefing paper with the managers and seek feedback on both your report and managers’ human resources needs.

Your assessor and fellow students will be role-playing the staff invited and will give you specific feedback about their human resources needs.

You should listen carefully to the feedback provided and ask questions to explore issues further and to confirm information.

You will be assessed on your use of effective communication skills, including speaking clearly and concisely and asking questions and active listening.

At the meeting, you should facilitate the discussion such that some concrete recommendations for human resources requirements are discussed and agreed upon. These will be documented in the action plan as per Part C.

You will be assessed as to whether you have addressed all of the required content in the meeting, as well as your use of effective communication skills.

Part C: Develop human resources strategy action plan

Following the meeting you will be required to develop a 12-month human resources action plan that draws on your research and analysis as documented in your briefing paper, as well as the outcomes of the meeting.

Your action plan should include clear strategies and actions based on agreed human resources requirements, as well as roles and responsibilities and timelines.

Your assessor will provide you with a template to use.

Once you have completed these documents, send it to your assessor in the role of Managing Director. Your assessor will provide you with feedback on your action plan, as well as approval to proceed once the changes are made.

Update your plan based on the feedback provided and send a final version to your assessor in the role of the Managing Director.

Save all your work in appropriate folder/s and provide a screen shot of this to your assessor with the final version of your report and action plan. You will be assessed on your effective organisation of folders/files and information.

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