BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management

BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management


Develop organisational policy

Task 2

Task 2 – Performance and Skills Assessment

General instructions

The Director of Bounce Fitness has recently updated their business plan to include Sustainability. You are the Manager at the Bounce Fitness Melbourne Centre and have been assigned the task by head office to develop the new Sustainability Policy. The policy will be implemented in all Bounce Fitness centres nationally.

As part of this assessment, you will be required to complete the following:

Part A – Identify the need for policy development and review

Part B – Prepare a plan for your policy development

Part C – Develop a new sustainability policy

Part D – Communicate the policy to the organization

Part A – Identifying the Need for Policy Development or Review

  1. Identify what the needs are regarding the new sustainability policy by completing the following:
  1. Conduct some research on internal and external elements related to sustainability and this policy, and Identify and list at least 3 the sources of your research. (30 words)

  1. Identify one internal or external element which would mean you are likely to have to change the policy in the future. Describe how this element will impact on the policy. in your answer. (80 words)

  1. List 3 stakeholders that you can consult with in relation to the internal or external factors and describe how they can contribute. (80 words)

  1. Write an email inviting the stakeholders to a meeting to discuss the internal and external factors, their potential impact and a strategy to address the issues or changes. (80 words)

  1. Create an agenda for the meeting. Include a minimum of 4 agenda items. Use the Bounce Fitness Agenda Template below and complete all the fields.
Meeting Agenda
Purpose, Objectives and Elements of Meeting:
Date and Time:
Agenda Items:Person ResponsibleTime

List of Attachments:

  1. Describe how you would perform a critical analysis of the policy. Include the relevant internal and external factors, the research you have conducted and the input from stakeholders. (80 words)

  1. Based on your research and input from stakeholders, describe your top 3 recommendations for the Bounce Fitness Sustainability Policy. (80 words)

Part B – Prepare a Policy Development Plan

  1. Prepare a policy development plan using the template provided below. List at least 3 actions for each step. Assume you have to prepare your policy within the next 2 months and set due dates accordingly.
Policy Development Plan
StepsActionsDue Date
Research policy options

Develop a list of policy options that may be put to stakeholders

Organise a policy development stakeholder workshop

Prepare a draft policy

Seek feedback and agreement from stakeholders

Prepare final policy

  1. Describe what is involved in risk analysis and 4 risk analysis methods. (80 words)

  1. In the table below, list 3 risks that may impact the development of the sustainability policy. Rank each risk with a low, medium or high likelihood and impact and describe one strategy to overcome each risk.
Risk Analysis
RiskLikelihood L / M / HImpact L / M / HStrategy to Overcome

Part C – Developing Policy

During the policy development phase, you will be required to undertake the following tasks:

  • Engage a representative group of stakeholders to advise and assist in the process
  • Gather and analyse information
  • Determine the policy direction
  • Draft the policy
  1. Engage a group of stakeholders to be involved in a policy network by completing the following:
  1. Identify 5 stakeholders that you will invite to join the network. Include the 3 stakeholders you consulted with in the initial stages of the project.

  1. Draft an email inviting the stakeholders to join the policy network. Include the purpose of the policy network and the input that is required from members of the group. (100 words)

  1. Refer to the Bounce Fitness Sustainability Records found in the Additional Resources section and any other research and consultations you have conducted. Develop and describe 3 policy options for consideration by the policy network. (60 words)

  1. Describe the research that you undertook in the development of the 3 policy options. Include primary and secondary research. (60 words)

  1. Describe how you applied an analytical framework in the development of the policy. (80 words)

  1. Describe how you would communicate the options and seek endorsement of your preferred option to stakeholders. (80 words)

  1. Prepare a draft of the Sustainability Policy. Include the following sections (min 60 words per section):
  • Introduction
  • Policy Statement
  • Key Stakeholders
  • Implementation Plan that details the actions required for implementation, responsibilities for implementation and strategies for transition, change management, initial and ongoing training, and maintenance of the policy. Use the following table, include dates and who is responsible for actions, and copy the table into your policy.
  • Mechanisms for monitoring compliance with the policy, quality assurance and evaluation of the policy
Policy Implementation Plan
ActionsWho is ResponsibleDue Date

Your policy needs to be presented in a professional format with a title page, a table of contents and section headings. Ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Upload your policy with this assessment.

  1. Describe how you would implement an iterative process of consultation, feedback, identification of changes and re-drafting. (80 words)

  1. How would you ensure that a policy is drafted and approved for implementation to stated timeframes and milestones? Include how risks to achieving this should be identified and managed. (80 words)

Part D – Communicating the Policy

Once you have developed the policy, you will need to communicate the policy to the organization in order to gain acceptance of the policy and to ensure the best opportunity for the successful implementation of the policy.

  1. List all the people within the organization that you need to communicate the policy to and 3 methods of communicating the policy. (80 words)

  1. Draft an email to the relevant people in the organization to gain agreement for the policy. Include the following in your email (80 words):
  1. A description of the policy
  2. Reference to an attachment of the policy
  3. A request for their agreement of the policy
  4. Your contact details for any questions

  1. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (slides only) that you would deliver to key people within the organization to inform them of the new policy. Include the following in the presentation.
  1. Introduction
  2. The need for the new policy
  3. Overview of the consultation process
  4. Policy description
  5. Benefits
  6. Implementation Plan
  7. Who to contact for help
  8. Summary

Upload your presentation with this assessment.

  1. Identify 3 objections that you may receive from staff and other managers and describe how you would manage each objection. (60 words)

End of Assessment.

Congratulations, you have completed this assessment task.

Please ensure all questions are answered and upload the following:

  • This completed workbook
  • Stakeholder Meeting Agenda
  • Draft Policy (including the implementation plan)
  • PowerPoint presentation

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