BSB50215 Diploma of Business

BSB50215 Diploma of Business

BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management


Manage an information and knowledge management system

Task 2

Questioning Assessment
Candidate Instructions

You will complete questions for purposes of formal assessment as per the questions outlined in the questioning record below, and any additional probing or clarification questions required by the assessor. The Knowledge Activity is designed to confirm your competency for all the required knowledge in the unit of competency.
Task Details
There is no restriction on the length of the question responses, or time restriction in completing the assessment.
It is anticipated that the assessment will take approximately 6 hours to complete.
The assessment may be re-attempted on two further occasions (maximum three attempts in total). All assessments must be resubmitted 3 days within receiving your unsatisfactory grade. You must clearly indicate “Re-submission” on your resubmitted work.
You must complete all questions unassisted by the assessor or other personnel but may refer to reference material as may be needed.
All questions must be answered satisfactorily for the assessment to be completed satisfactorily. For any assessment conducted that is incomplete, or without satisfactory performance, the assessment will need to be completed again after further training support. This may be simply to focus on question areas not achieved in the prior assessment.
Evidence to be collected
Answer the activity in as much detail as possible, considering your organizational requirements.
In undertaking this assessment task, you as the candidate are providing consent for your work to be reviewed for the purposes of formal assessment in the unit(s) of competency. If you have concern regarding this permission, please discuss this with your assessor prior to undertaking the task.
Objective To provide you with an opportunity to show you have the required knowledge for this unit.
Candidate Declaration
Candidate name:

Trainer’s name:

Assessment declaration: I declare that no part of this assessment has been copied from another person’s work, except where clearly noted on documents or work submitted. I declare that no part of this assessment has been written for me by another person. I understand that plagiarism is a serious offence that may lead to disciplinary action.
Candidate signature:

Task 2 – Performance and Skills Assessment

General instructions

You will use the Canvas learning system as the knowledge and information management system for this assessment. You will consider the implementation of the system, training users, reviewing the system and how it contributes to the achievement of organisational goals.

There are 3 parts to this assessment.

Part A – Organise learning to use information or knowledge management system

Part B – Manage use of information or knowledge management system

Part C – Review use of information or knowledge management system

Every question needs to be answered correctly for you to complete this assessment.

Part A – Organise learning to use Information and knowledge management system

  1. The first step is to identify the competence level of students with the Canvas learning system and what areas they need to be trained in. Consult with other students in your class and complete the following:
  1. List 3 ways that you can identify the training needs of students.

  2. List 5 questions you could ask in a survey of students in order to help identify what their learning needs are in relation to using Canvas. Write the questions just as they would appear in the survey. Take into consideration the diverse nature of the students in the college and present your questions accordingly.

  1. Decide on and list the 5 key functions in Canvas that students need to know in order to use the system effectively.

  1. Develop a training plan to address the 5 key areas and training needs identified in question 1.
    1. Complete the following table. Make sure you:
  1. List 3 learning outcomes for your training plan
  2. Include a date and venue for the training
  3. include what activities you will have as part of the training
  4. list all the resources you will need including materials, rooms and external training providers where required
  5. Estimate the cost of the resources and include in the budget requirement column
Training and Development Plan
Learning Outcomes:
Date of Training
Key Learning Area Mode of Delivery Resource Requirement Budget Requirement

  1. Describe 3 other ways you can meet the training needs of students. (40 words)

  1. You need to get approval for the plan from Tim, the Finance Manager. Draft an email to Tim providing a summary of the plan and the resource requirements and requesting approval. Use the email template below. Make sure your introduction is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. (100 words)

  1. You want to ensure that students take advantage of the training program. Answer the following questions.
  1. Describe 3 ways you can promote the training session to students. (60 words)

  2. Prepare an announcement that you can post on Canvas advising students of the training session. Include the purpose of the training session, date and time and any other relevant information. (60 words)

  1. You will introduce the training session. Write a 3-minute introduction and make sure you cover the following: (100 words)
  • The purpose of the session
  • The key areas that the session will cover
  • The benefits to students

Take into consideration the diverse nature of the students in the college and prepare your introduction accordingly. Make sure your introduction is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.

  1. What are 3 ways you can monitor the effectiveness of the training program?

  1. Assume you have received the following feedback and comments from students following the training session and complete the report below.
  1. All students rated the program as good but there were no very good or excellent rating
  2. 20 out of 25 students marked that they now know how to log in, access learning material and assessment tasks, upload assessments and check marks.
  3. 15 students marked that they still can’t see where comments made by the trainer on their assessments appear in Canvas
  4. “The classroom was too small for everyone to fit in comfortably.”
  5. “I’m still not sure how to check my marks”
  6. “There was no reading material provided either before or after the course”
  7. “The trainer was boring and just read from slides.”

Use the information from the training development plan in question 2. Make a judgement on whether the 5 key skills have been covered. (if there is insufficient information in the feedback above, it is OK to mark No). Make 3 recommendations for future improvements.

Training Effectiveness
Learning Outcomes:
Date of Training
Key Learning Area Yes No





Recommendations for Future Training: (at least 3 recommendations)

Part B – Manage use of information and knowledge management system

Consider that a new term is starting and there is a large number of new students, as well as students continuing with their studies from previous terms. Demonstrate how you will manage the use of the Canvas learning system by answering the following.

  1. List 3 issues that could arise as students first start to use the system and a strategy to deal with each issue.
Implementation Issues
Possible Issues Strategies

  1. You have received a number of complaints from teachers that students do not get notified automatically when teachers grade their assessments and make comments. This causes significant issues as students do not check their marks and do not realise when corrections need to be made often resulting in them failing the assessment. Draft and email to Canvas technical support and include the following: (100 words)
    1. explaining the issue
    2. asking them what is the best way to address the issue
    3. asking whether automatic notifications can be set as a default in the system
    4. your contact details

Make sure your email is grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.


  1. Describe 3 ways you can ensure the proper implementation of policies and procedures for monitoring compliance, effectiveness and efficiency of the Canvas learning system.

  2. Describe 3 performance indicators that can be applied to the use of the Canvas learning system and how these indicators can be measured? (80 words)

  3. The Canvas learning system needs to be integrated with the student management system to ensure that students are enrolled in the right classes and courses and to ensure that marks are recorded accurately. Describe 2 procedures you can implement to ensure that the data in both systems match and is correct.

Part C – Review use of information and knowledge management system

Management has asked that you provide them with feedback on the use of the Canvas learning system within the college. In particular, they have asked that you provide feedback on the following:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of Canvas
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • How Canvas contributes to organisational goals

Prepare the information required for this feedback by completing the following:

  1. From your own experience and feedback from other users, analyse the effectiveness of the Canvas learning system and in the following table, describe 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses of the system. Canvas Learning System Analysis Strengths Weaknesses

  2. Describe 3 recommendations that you can suggest for the improvement of the Canvas learning system. (60 words)

  1. Refer to the International House Client Promise in Appendix A. Describe 3 ways that the Canvas learning system contributes to International House fulfilling that promise. (80 words)

End of Assessment

Congratulations, you have completed this assessment task.

Please ensure all questions are answered and upload the following:

  • This completed workbook

Appendix A

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