brief scenario

This paper MUST be a minimum of 2,300 words.

Use the brief scenario below to write your paper:

1. You are the U.S. representative at the World Health Organization and were appointed to review the HIV / AIDS epidemic in a foreign country / region of the world that starts with the first letter of your last name. Since your last name starts with an A, your country will be Argentina.

2. Introduce your country by describing:
a. demographics
b. geography, commerce and climate
c. detailed description of the population, including primary language, religion, income, living
conditions and any other information relevant to HIV / AIDS
d. HIV / AIDS discussion of the population:
i. incidence by population including vulnerable populations such as children, men, women, and pregnant
3. Compare and contrast the following between the United States and your designated country:
a. treatment guidelines and resources
b. cost of treatment per month. Include a discussion of which treatments are covered by insurance, MEDICAID etc.
c. prevention efforts, including aide from the U.S.

3. Follow APA style and format. Include a cover page and a statement of the word count. An abstract is required and IS included in the word count. (Refer to APA manual, p. 27 for information about the abstract.)

4. Include a minimum of 2 peer reviewed journal articles in your overall discussion of this topic.

Use the “word count” option on your computer to verify that the word count on your paper meets the minimum 2,300 words. There is no reason to loose points for not meeting the word requirement.

The cover page, reference list and headings are not included in the word count – ONLY the BODY of the paper and the Abstract are included in the word count.

There are strict guidelines regarding your written assignments (4500 words total: 2300 per paper), established by the University; therefore word count will be addressed in the following manner:

Number of Words: Points deducted from the assignment grade

600 or less: -20
601-800: -15
801-1000: -12
1001-1499: -10
1500-1999: -5
2000-2299: -2
> or =2300: -0
Caution: Lengthy quotations and tables that only serve to pad the word count, will result in point deductions. Since the purpose of this course is to evaluate student writing, excessive entries that are not your words will NOT be counted towards the paper’s word requirement. Of course quotations may be used, but only if they add to the content and cannot be managed any other way (such as paraphrasing).

We want each of you to be successful, so please follow the Guideline and perform a ‘self-check’ before submitting the paper for a grade.