Prelab Assignment

Lab 08 Prelab Assignment
1. A Hooke’s Law spring of constant k=5 N/m hangs vertically from a rod, and a mass of 200 g is hung from it. How far
does the spring have to stretch to reach equilibrium?
200g original equilibrium
new equilibrium
2. Consider a Hooke’s Law spring with constant k hanging vertically from a rod. A mass of m is hung from the spring,
stretching the spring to a new equilibrium position, like in question 1. Next the spring is stretched or compressed by an
amount x relative to the new equilibrium position and released:
d d
m x

m the mass will accelerate upward
right after being released

Draw force diagrams for the hanging mass in both cases. Use N2 to write down a relationship between the weight and the

Professional Capability Gap Analysis

Final Submission Due 18th Oct 2021 8:00PM AEDT
2000 words + Resume (2 pages)

Total mark: 20 – Contribution to the final mark: 20%
Unit hurdle requirement: satisfactory completion (50%) of Assessment 4
Assignment 4 consists of two parts:
• Part 1: Requirements Elicitation: 10%
• Part 2: Professional Capability Gap Analysis: 10%
You’re required to submit a cover page (not included in the word count) including:
1. Title (“Assessment 4 – Requirements Elicitation and Professional Capability GapAnalysis”)
2. Unit code and name
3. Student name and student ID
4. Table of contents
Task Description
1. Part 1. Requirements Elicitation: 10 marks
Part 1 Objective
Develop a sound approach to gather stakeholders’ requirements for the following case

The VictorianGovernment ICT

Independent assurance report to Parliament
2017–18: 22
The Victorian
Government ICT
June 2018

The Victorian
Government ICT
Independent assurance report to Parliament
Ordered to be published
June 2018
PP no 398, Session 2014–18
This report is printed on Monza Recycled paper. Monza Recycled is certified Carbon Neutral by the Carbon Reduction Institute
(CRI) in accordance with the global Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14040 framework. The Lifecycle Analysis for Monza
Recycled is cradle to grave including Scopes 1, 2 and 3. It has FSC Mix Certification combined with 55% recycled content.
ISBN 978 1 925678 24 6
The Hon Bruce Atkinson MLC The Hon Colin Brooks MP
President Speaker
Legislative Council Legislative Assembly
Parliament House Parliament House
Melbourne Melbourne
Dear Presiding Officer

ITECH1103- Big Data and Analytics Group

1 | P a g e
ITECH1103- Big Data and Analytics Group
Assignment – Semester 3, 2018
Worth – 30%
ANALYTIC REPORT (20%- Due Week 11 Sunday
11:55pm) and PRESENTATION (10% – Due Week
10 in Tutorial Time)
Analytic Report:
Learning Outcomes Assessed: A3, K3, K6, and S2:
Purpose: The purpose of this task is to provide students with practical experience in
working in teams to write a Data Analytical report to provide useful insights, pattern and
trends in the chosen/given dataset. This activity will give students the opportunity to
show innovation and creativity in applying Watson Analytics and designing useful
visualization solutions and predictive solutions for various analytics problems.
Group Presentation: Week 10 (Scheduled Laboratory) Learning Outcomes
Assessed: K4, A1, A2, V1, V2
Purpose: The purpose of the oral presentation is to provide an opportunity for students
to present the results of DATA Analysis and

301027 Industrial Experience

School of Engineering, Design and Built Environment
301027 Industrial Experience (PG)
Spring 2021
Edition: Spring 2021
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Unit Details

EHL604 Entrepreneurship for Hospitality Leaders

EHL604_Assessment_1_Brief_Case Study_Due Week 5 Page 1 of 7
Task Summary
Assessment 1 is an individual case study that requires students to critically analyse the main
topics covered in weeks 2, 3 & 4 of the course. The workshops, power‐point slides and
learning activities as well as prescribed texts will form the basis of the case study. There will
be a large focus on Disruptive Technology, Creativity and forms of innovation, Problem
solving with innovation and Exploration of emerging technologies. Several other relevant
topics will also inform your knowledge covered by the assessment.
Specifically, students will utilise knowledge in the following areas; The Nature and
Importance of Entrepreneurs, Behaviours of the most successful entrepreneurs,
Entrepreneur vs Intrapreneur, Social Entrepreneurship; The Entrepreneurial Process;
Understanding the customer – a hotel guest’s perspective; customer profiling; customer

Unit Code: 301027
Unit Name: Industrial Experience (PG)
Credit Points:
Include: Grade
A brief general descriptive of yourself that contains information such as your name, education, occupation, marital status etc. .5  
Your style of interaction with others: whether you a

Principles of Economics ECON1008

Principles of Economics ECON1008
Applied Writing Assignment (Part 1)
Semester 2, 2017
1. This assignment is due on week 5 Thursday 27th July 2017 (12noon).
2. It is worth 10% of your overall assessment.
3. ALL assignments need to be submitted via TURNITIN.
4. The word limit is 500 words.
5. You will be required to support your arguments with information from a range of sources.
Failure to cite properly is evidence of academic misconduct and will result in marks being
deducted. You can access guides and information about referencing from the following link:
6. Extensions to assignment submission dates are not granted for some courses. Any
arrangements in place for extensions will be indicated by the Course Coordinator or Lecturer.
Requests closer to the submission date need to be negotiated with the Course Coordinator,
and will require at minimum, a medic


Problem 1. The following ciphertext was generated using a simple substitution algorithm:
Decrypt the message. [Warning: The resulting message is in English but may not make much sense on a
first reading.]
Problem 2. A disadvantage of the general substitution cipher is that both sender and receiver must commit
the permuted cipher sequence to memory. A common technique for avoiding this is to use a keyword from
which the cipher sequence can be generated. For example, using the keyword CIPHER, write out the keyword
followed by unused letters in normal order and match this against the plaintext letters:

transform medical device

Assignment 3: 40% Assignment Type: Individual Written Report Assignment Description:

Additive manufacturing has the potential to transform medical device manufacture enabling patient specific devices to become more widespread. In this assignment, you will use modelling and simulation to support the design of a patient specific orthopaedic trauma device.
You have been approached by an orthopaedic surgeon who believes that their patient could benefit from a custom implant. Your task is to design and evaluate an implant for the patient described as follows.
• A 45 year old male (80kg), otherwise fit and healthy, presented with a closed fracture in the tibia. You decide on the exact location/appearance of the fracture.
• The patient is self-employed and needs to return to work as soon as possible. His work requires him to be somewhat