biggest challenges organisations face in workforce planning

One of the biggest challenges organisations face in workforce planning is to match the supply of staff to the need for them. The task is made more complex by labour market factors, changing supply and demand trends, workplace diversity issues, complexity of specific industries and skill requirements. Some of the challenges identified by Watson Wyatt, a global HR consulting firm, include;
•  Attracting critical”skill and top”performing employees
•  Scarcity of critical talent as a leading cause
•  Retaining skilled and older workers
•  Mismatch between organisations’ measurement tools with their priorities
•  Resource constraints

In this essay, you will be required to research the workforce planning concepts within the Australian public or private sectors and build a comprehensive argument around key challenges faced by organisations. You may narrow your focus to a specific industry or service sector (e.g. Not”for”Profit, Public Services etc.) to develop the required context and build an emphasis around issues relevant to the industry or the sector. The essay must have a central argument and contain your point of view on the issues, supported by a range of academic evidences (sources).

The essay must be written in your own words and appropriate referencing and citation must be used in all external references (preferred: Harvard referencing system: Your trainer/assessor will provide you with referencing guidelines). There is no specific structure of essay but it will be expected that you will present your essay with at least three identifiable sections; Introduction, body (main headings) and conclusion.

The essay must contain sources/references from a wide range of publications including books, magazines, journals and online resources. Only online references will not be accepted. In an event where a book or a publication is accessed online or an electronic format, it should be appropriate referenced using the referencing guide. The essay must contain your own views on the topic and not just the review of the literature. The contents must be coherent and presented in a logical sequence (not just copy and paste from various sources) leading to a conclusion.

You essay should cover, among other issues;
• Issues around labour demand and supply relevant to the specific industry/sector (e.g. Labour supply trends in past few years)
• Techniques used by organisations in forecasting supply and demand
• Economic or other external environmental factors that influence workforce planning
• Issues related to workforce diversity
• Issues related to employee satisfaction and organisational change

Essay should be built around the main topic and present your point of view in a logical flow supported by evidences/arguments/discussion from academic sources. Your trainer would guide you in planning and writing an effective essay. A well written essay would reflect new knowledge and a range of skills in in the subject area.

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