Begin by identifying an impact

Begin by identifying an impact or outcome evaluation question about the program. This should be one you submitted in this week’s Application Assignment and be a question that would provide significant feedback on the program’s quality, utility, and impact on the priority population. Review the question and make sure it is well written and appropriate for its purpose. Revise further, as needed.

Then design an evaluation plan for this particular question, using the following guidelines:

Briefly summarize the goal of your selected program and describe the population of interest for the evaluation (e.g., those who are expected to achieve or receive the intended outcome).
Briefly summarize the activities of the program. If your program has many activities, summarize only those activities that are hypothesized to impact your intended outcome.

State the evaluation question you are evaluating, and explain why it is important.

Identify your impact or outcome (dependent) variables and create an operational definition for each variable.

Discuss which evaluation design you will use and why.

Describe the methods you would use to collect data to answer the evaluation question. Be sure to include the following:

Explain how your impact or outcome variable will be collected. Describe any modifications needed to an existing instrument, an instrument that would need to be developed, and/or existing records to access.

Describe your sampling plan.
Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the design used. Identify any threats to measurement reliability and validity that you might encounter when collecting data and discuss what you would do to reduce these threats.
Complete a diagram of a logic model.
Summarize the ways in which your evaluation results might be used to improve the program’s quality, utility, and impact on the priority populations.
You are not required to do a literature review, but if you cite any sources, by sure to follow APA standards and include a bibliography. Your plan may be up to 10 pages long, excluding a bibliography. The paper can be up to 10 pages, double spaced.

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