based on hypothetical scenarios

This examination is based on hypothetical scenarios relative to a fictitious company.

PRONTO are a building company that specialise in low cost family dwellings that can be constructed in 15 weeks. PRONTO have locations across the world.

As a result of declining home loan interest rates in Asia Pacific, PRONTO believe there is potential for the business to grow their market share with property investors and first home buyers in these countries, particularly Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.

PRONTO’s marketing is solely driven from their Head Office is in Texas. However, PRONTO’s Vice President of Marketing, Sam Jones, decides that it is necessary to appoint an Asia Pacific Director of Marketing if they are going to take advantage of opportunities to grow the company in this market.

You have been appointed to this position.

Question 1 :

Your initial focus is to develop a strategy for increasing market share in the first home buyer market. You come up with a specific range of products which will be marketed as “My PRONTO”.

These homes will be the cheapest new homes on the market and due to PRONTO’s buying power will have quality fittings and fixtures normally only seen in much higher priced homes.

In thinking about the levels of a product (Core, Actual, and Augmented) explain what the Augmented product is (making whatever assumptions you feel necessary).

Question 2 :

Discuss how you might segment the market for “My PRONTO” and why your segmentation approach would be beneficial.

Question 3

You have a teleconference with Sam to discuss the marketing plan for “My PRONTO”. Sam remarks that marketing is all about advertising. Discuss whether you agree with this comment.

Question 4

PRONTO’s Vice President of Sales, Chuck Fraser, complains to you that even though the company is purchasing the popular TALA brand of fixtures at a very competitive price, if your purchased TALA’s unbranded equivalent range of items the company could save a further 10%. You want to send an email to Chuck about the value of branding. Draft your email below.

Question 5

Do you believe PRONTO should operate with a product orientation or a market orientation? In your answer explain why.

Question 6

In preparation for setting a marketing plan and strategy for growing market share with the property investor market, you decide it is necessary to undertake research. Explain why market research is important and useful.

Question 7

The outcome of your research indicates that the property investors you should target will be businesses. In your discussions with Sam he asks you to send him an email outlining the differences in buyer behaviour between individuals and businesses. Draft this email below.

Question 8

In preparation for an upcoming department meeting, Sam has asked you to prepare a short summary for the group as how marketing strategies are related to a business model. List this short summary below.


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