Baby biographies

Quiz #2:

  1. Mark’s father uses strict, harsh punishment with Mark as well as incorporating a great deal of moral training during Mark’s upbringing. Mark’s father believes that this type of childrearing will help control a child’s innate selfishness. The type of childrearing advocated by Mark’s father is similar to the

a. doctrine of tabula rasa.

b. teachings of John Locke.

c. doctrine of original sin.

d. teachings of Jean Jacques Rousseau.

  1. _ proposed the doctrine of “innate goodness.”

a. The religious leaders during the Middle Ages

b. John Locke

c. William James

d. Jean Jacques Rousseau

  1. __ occur(s) when organisms that are better adapted to their environments survive in greater numbers, thereby passing their traits onto the next generation.

a. Recapitulation

b. Cohort effects

c. The sleeper effect

d. Natural selection

  1. If you wanted to find out whether the time of day affected attention span, the time of day and the length of attention span would both be

a. cohort effects.

b. variables.

c. theories.

d. hypotheses.

  1. Amy, a social psychology graduate student, briefly joins a cult in order to observe and learn how this group attracts its members. Amy is engaging in

a. experimental observation.

b. participant observation.

c. naturalistic observation.

d. structured observation.

  1. Charles Darwin wrote in-depth descriptions on each of his children, which came to be known as “baby biographies.” These “baby biographies” would be examples of

a. archival studies.

b. case studies.

c. correlational studies.

d. developmental experiments.

  1. In today’s society, as age increases, the fear of computers increases. This relationship is a(n) __ correlation.

a. positive

b. negative

c. zero

d. inverse

  1. Which of the following correlation coefficients indicates the strongest relationship?

a. +.55

b. -.76

c. -.23

d. +1.32

  1. Researchers conduct an experiment to determine whether a vitamin supplement increases memory. The independent variable in this experiment would be the

a. vitamin supplement.

b. age of the subjects.

c. the type of material to be memorized.

d. the memory scores.

  1. A research group selects a group of infants born during the summer of 2000 and will observed and test these children regarding their motor, language, and cognitive skills each year for the next 10 years. This developmental research design would be considered a _ study.

a. cross-sequential

b. longitudinal

c. cross-sectional

d. bi-directional

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