Average time to access a word

1. Consider a computer system that has cache memory, main memory (RAM) and disk, and an operating system that uses virtual memory. It takes 1 nsec to access a word from the cache, 10 nsec to access a word from the RAM, and 10 ms to access a word from the disk. If the cache hit rate is 95% and main memory hit rate (after a cache miss) is 99%, what is the average time to access a word?

2. When a user program makes a system call to read or write a disk file, it provides an indication of which file it wants, a pointer to the data buffer, and the count. Control is then transferred to the operating system, which calls the appropriate driver. Suppose that the driver starts the disk and terminates until an interrupt occurs. In the case of reading from the disk, obviously the caller will have to be blocked (because there are no data for it). What about the case of writing to the disk? Need the caller be blocked awaiting completion of the disk transfer?

3. What is a trap instruction? Explain its use in operating systems.

4. Why is the process table needed in a timesharing system? Is it also needed in personal computer systems running UNIX or Windows with a single user?

5. Is there any reason why you might want to mount a file system on a nonempty direc- tory? If so, what is it?

6. For each of the following system calls, give a condition that causes it to fail: fork, exec, and unlink.

7. What type of multiplexing (time, space, or both) can be used for sharing the following resources: CPU, memory, disk, network card, printer, keyboard, and display?

8. Can the count = write(fd, buffer, nbytes); call return any value in count other than nbytes? If so, why?

9. A file whose file descriptor is fd contains the following sequence of bytes: 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9, 2, 6, 5, 3, 5. The following system calls are made:

lseek(fd, 3, SEEK SET); read(fd, &buffer, 4); where the lseek call makes a seek to byte 3 of the file. What does buffer contain after the read has completed?

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