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Discuss ways to design software and applications

Question1As a software developer, you are required to develop programs that can be readily accessed by a wide range of clients.Discuss ways in which you can design your software and applications for 2 of the following:• Blind or visually impaired clients• Clients with limited or poor hand coordination• Learning programs for children recovering from trauma• Clients who are colour blind• &n …Compare them with those of at least 2 other classmates

Write an essay discussing the operational issues

The primary purpose of this assessment task is to help students develop skills in the use of Operations Management principles, theories and models in the analysis of the current operations of a manufacturing enterprise. The assignment requires you to analyse the current situation. The objective is to identify and specify the problems that exist – DO NOT TRY TO ‘SOLVE’ THE CASE. The secondary purpose of this assignment is to give students the opportunity further develop analysis and problem identification skills, as well as generic academic research and writing skills within the framework of a formal essay. The essay format is chosen for this assignment as it is the most suitable format in which to present a sustained argument. Description Assessment task 2 requires the writing of an academic essay. This essay should be an ‘argumentative essay’, and must therefore contain an argument that is used as the structuring element of the paper. The assignment

Articulate the impact of globalisation for countries

  1. Globalisation General Framework In this topic, you are to research globalisation. The business press bombards us with ideas about ‘the shrinking world’, ‘the flat world’ and ‘the border-less world’ – all catchphrases to describe the impact of globalisation. But are the (trade) borders really collapsing or are we seeing, post GFC, a resurgence in them? What is behind the extreme demonstrations against globalisation at G7 and WTC conferences?

General Framework

In this topic, you are to research globalisation. The business press bombards us with ideas about ‘the shrinking world’, ‘the flat world’ and ‘the border-less world’ – all catchphrases to describe the impact of globalisation.

But are the (trade) borders really collapsing or are we seeing, post GFC, a resurg

Construct a SWOT analysis of EasyJet

Tasks (100%) 1. Critically analyse the external environment and industry competition in the new EU member state you are recommending. This should include competition within the new EU member state as well as competition resulting from relocating to the new EU member state. (35 marks) 2. Using relevant frameworks, critically discuss EasyJet’s resources and competencies as well as how they can be utilised in gaining competitive advantage upon relocation to the new EU member state. (20 marks) 3. Critically evaluate whether EasyJet can continue with its current vision and mission statements in the new EU member state. Reframe the vision statement and the mission statement of EasyJet for the new strategic change if required. (10 marks) 4. In light of the analysis conducted in Task 1, 2 and 3, construct a SWOT analysis of EasyJet and recommend changes (providing justifications) to its current business-level strategy if required. If PM303 Strategic Management Summer

What would a Hotel Paris help wanted ad look like?

The Hotel Paris s competitive strategy is To use superior guest service to differentiate the Hotel Paris properties, and to thereby increase the length of stay and return rate of guests, and thus boost revenues and profitability. HR manager Lisa Cruz must now formulate functional policies and activities that support this competitive strategy by eliciting the required employee behaviors and competencies.

        As a longtime HR professional, Lisa Cruz was well aware of the importance of effective employee recruitment. If the Hotel Paris didn’t get enough applicants, it could not be selective about who to hire. And, if it could not be selective about who to hire, it wasn’t likely that the hotels would enjoy the customer-oriented employee behaviors that the company s strategy relied on. She was therefore disappointed to discover that the Hotel Paris was paying virtually no attention

Discuss extent to which you agree with the statement

Question 1 The exponential growth in the Internet and e-commerce has given rise to the increased importance of supply chain systems. Discuss what is meant by a supply chain system and identify the benefits that these systems might bring to an organisation. For each of the benefits you have identified provide a real-life example of an organisation that has received this benefit. Question 2 Michael Porter describes a value chain which strips down the organisation’s activities and divides them into primary activities and support activities. For each of the activities identified in the value chain, both primary and secondary, identify an information system that may be used to support this activity. Illustrate your answer with appropriate examples. Question 3 The Internet is frequently said to improve the quality of life. Describe FIVE ways in which the Internet has improved the quality of life for individuals and FIVE ways in which it has led to a decline in th

Develop a framework of marketing metrics for strategies

In formulating the situation analysis & report:

  1. An executive summary of the report’s findings and recommendation for key areas for the SM marketing plan
  2. an introduction – provide a brief introduction/overview of your enterprise or organisation, the aims of the report and the structure of the report. Structural components such as: A Table of Contents, Table of Figures & Tables, Reference List, Appendices (where appropriate) referenced according to Harvard referencing requirements
  3. Internal Environment analysis  Company background and history, description of the enterprise or organisation based on any feedback received from your project brief, mission statement, corporate objectives, (where these are available), brand identity, product or service portfolio overview; and the scope of the marketing plan – all this information is from your project brief and should

What is stored program architecture of a computer?

What is the importance of the Principle of Equivalence of Hardware and Software? What is the stored program architecture of a computer? Describe with an example. Rationale This assessment task covers topic 1, and has been designed to ensure that you are engaging with the subject content on an early. Moreover, it seeks to assess your ability to: be able to define and appropriately use computer systems terminologies; be able to describe the concepts of data computer architecture and organisation; be able to describe the relationship between computer hardware and software and how they play role in designing a computer

Strategic Management

Read the case study “De Beers Diamond Dilemma” (McAdams and Reavis, 2008) on which the assignment is based.Answer the following questions based on the case and relevant strategic management theories.

Question 1 Carry out a Five Forces analysis (Johnson et al, 2011, p.54) for de Beers in 2006: make sure that you include the emergence of synthetic diamonds, and the role of other producers in the analysis. Does this analysis adequately represent De Beers competitive position? (40 marks) Question 2 Analyse the De Beers’ stakeholders in 2006, making use of the power/interest matrix(Johnson et al, 2011, p.141), and provide brief suggestions as to how De Beers should manage each stakeholder (20 marks)Question 3 Evaluate DeBeers‘ choice of strategy in dealing with the blood diamonds issue (Hint:use the criteria of suitability, acceptability and feasibility (Johnson et al, 2011, p.364ff), bearing in mind that

Strategic Marketing

Students will research and analyse an organisation of their choice*, applying concepts learned in lectures and

tutorials. This will take the form of a ‘Strategy Planning Workbook’ with the headings below forming the basis of the

research and analysis, which is expected to be in depth, presented concisely and insightful.

There is no specific word limit or prescribed layout, although it is unlikely your submission will be less than 2,000

words. Additionally, this is a business document that would be used to assist in management decision making. In

fact, the group assessment task will be based on an organisation that is the subject one of the individual assessments