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Find the joint distribution function

LetX1,X2 have the jointpdf f(x1,x2)= 1/π for 0 21 + x22 1; 0 elsewhere. Find the joint distributionfunction G(t1,t2) =P(T1 t1;T2 t2) ofT1 = X21 +X22 ,T2 = X2by thedistribution function method, for 0 t11; 1 ·2 1 and hencethemarginal distribution function of T1 asG1(t1) = G(t1;t2 =√t1):

From my class examples I tried to take the double integral but donot know the intervals of each integral dx1,dx2 . Do I need to take polarcoordinates? Or do Iuse x11-t22) andx21 for theinterval? Cananybody direct me to the correct place?? Myteacher says “in the double-integral forP(X1^2+X2^2 “
Please help, Thanks in advance