Assignment Task

Assignment Task:

1. Identify any three (3) specific examples of the different types of management accounting methods and/or techniques from the case.
2. Are MAS relevant to contemporary organisations? Discuss this with reference to:
i) What evidence is there from the case company? Include examples in your answer.
ii) Compare and contrast this finding with one other journal article you will need to find that has discussed about management accounting systems in another real-life company or companies. Did this second study have similar findings as the first chosen article, or mixed and/or different findings? Explain with examples.

3. What conclusions do you make about the relevance of MAS in today’s competitive and (in most cases), uncertain business environment?

4. Provide four (4) specific outcomes or lessons learned from each of the two articles’ research findings that will be useful for management accountants in Australian companies to learn from, and justify your answer [i.e. provide 2 outcomes from each of the two studies].
Another 5 marks are determined by the overall presentation of your assignment.

Additional Information:
a) You are encouraged to choose the second journal article from the following Accounting and Management Accounting Journals:
Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal;
Journal of Management Accounting Research
Journal of Applied Management Accounting Research
b) The journal article need to study a real-life company or companies’ MAS from year 2010 onwards, (in any country).

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