Assignment Task

Task 1 (15 marks)

• The information about the network u have collected through the site survey. The more details about the network your team can obtain the higher marks u will get. At the minimum, your team should obtain the following information:

I. The estimated number of network users: students need to work out the number from the task description and provided document. (1 mark)
II. Key applicatins and services: identify key network and application services provided by the current network (1mark).
III. IP addressing scheme: use tools like ipconfig, tracert and wireshark to work out the IP addressing scheme of the network. Obtain information like IP subnets/masks, IP addresses of the gateways, DNS servers, Web servers, Email servers, DHCP servers. ( 5 marks)
IV. High level logical topology of the network: draw the logical topology o the network based on obtained information. ( 3 marks)

V. Wi-Fi channels and overall area of coverage: perform wireless site survey for the current wireless network using EKAHAU HEATMAPER tool. You can ask the local tutor for the floor plan or draw the plan yourself using tool such as (5 mark)

• The method, technique and tools you team uses to collect the information. Discuss briefly about how each piece of info is collected.

Sufficient discussion is provided: no deduction of marks
Weak or no discussion: deduct the marks up to 7.5 marks

Task2( 15 marks)
• The correctness, feasibility and future-proof of the proposed solutions. A good solution should be technically correct, feasible in terms of budget, taking into account the future network growth and using the current network technology (5 marks)

• The technical details of the solution. Each solution should be provided with a sufficient level of technical details so that its working mechanism can be understood and the cost to implement the solution can be estimated. At the minimum, u will need to provide the high level logical and physical design of the solutions with the list of major hardware and software to be obtained(5marks)

• The analysis to select one solution. Your team can perform cost-benefit analysis to select one solution over the 2 proposed. Discuss how the selected solution would expect to solve the identified problem and how does this align with the university long term business goal and strategy as stated in the university annual reports ( 5 marks)
Task 3 present and defend the proposal (10 marks)

• The presentation structure and quality. A good presentation will have a clear structure showing the scope of the presentation. The slides present only the key points. Text and images are clearly presented (5 marks)

• Presenter performance. Present clearly and engage with the audience. Finish the presentation on time. Handle questions with confidence and quality answers. (5 marks)

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