1. Elena is a healthcare enterprise vendor targeting healthcare organisations in the United States
with offerings in the space of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning- by offering SOLUTIONS in
data integration and care management. Below are some vital details ABOUT its marketing strategy:
Below are some vital details ABOUT its marketing strategy:
▶ Target Organisations:
○ Healthcare Provider Organisations like ACOs, Health Systems, Integrated
Delivery Networks, Physician GROUPS and Managed Service Organisations
managing at least 100,000 lives
○ Healthcare Payers (Health Plans)
▶ Geography: United States
▶ INDUSTRY: Healthcare
▶ Roles: C-SUITE INCLUDING CEO, CFO, Chief Medical Officer (CMO), CIO/CTO, VPs &
▶ Director of Clinical Strategy/ Pop Health
○ Pricing Strategy: Offerings are charged Per User Per Month with targeted average
ticket size of $300,000 per organisation/
▶ The CURRENT digital marketing initiatives and the scale of operations are as UNDER:

Webinars 1 per month 500 + Attendees per webinar
Email Marketing 8 per month 500 + SUBSCRIBERS
CUSTOMER Newsletters 1 per month 10 SUBSCRIBERS
Social Media Organic posts
from brand spokespeople
(95% of this is LinkedIn) They
have 6 spokespeople profile
8 posts per month per profile 70+ avg. engagement per profile
per month
Social Media Paid Campaigns 4 campaigns per month 10 SUBSCRIBERS per campaign
Search+ Display Ads (Google) 1000+ visitors per month
Website Pop Ups/Chat Email Marketing 100+ SUBSCRIBERS per month
Blog SUBSCRIBERS on website Email Marketing 100+ SUBSCRIBERS per month
the website
200+ SUBSCRIBERS per month
Blog SUBSCRIBERS on website Relevant: 10 per month

Overall website UNIQUE USERS (US only): 10K per month
Overall website sessions (US only): 15K per month
ASSUME any other statistics YOU WANT to.
Using the above information, draft a digital marketing strategy for Elena to achieve the
following keyobjectives:
▶ 20% growth in INBOUND Demo Sign Ups MoM (month on month)
▶ Increase social media engagement by 10% MoM
▶ Increase website SUBSCRIBERS by 20% MoM
In addition to YOUR plan, please also INCLUDE the following in YOUR SUBMISSION:
▶ Key growth hacks
▶ Marketing channel mix
▶ BUDGET allocation
▶ ROI for every channel
▶ Please send YOUR SUBMISSIONS in either a word/presentation format
▶ Please state any associated ASSUMPTIONS
▶ Please attach any CALCULATIONS/ SUPPORTING docs YOU WANT to get reviewed
▶ For any QUERIES/ clarifications, please get in TOUCH with the HR SPOC, who can connect YOU
with the Hiring Manager.

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