Assignment details

Assignment details:

Assume you work as a graduate for a large consulting firm. As part of your professional development, you have been asked to select a newspaper / magazine article (written in English) which raises management accounting problems regarding a specific organization, which require a solution. The article must be written recently (on or after 1 January 2019 and taken from an appropriate source, such as the Australian Financial Review, The Australian, The Wall Street Journal (US), Financial Times (UK) and Economist (UK). Other sources may also be suitable – please consult your manager (lecturer) if you are unsure whether a particular source is appropriate.

Analyse the issues raised by the article chosen and write a memorandum (a report format will not be marked) addressed to the board of directors of the organisation chosen.

Your analysis should include:

  1. A reliable link and reference to the article in order that the board can identify it
  2. Consideration of the management accounting issues raised by the article, including any potential strengths / opportunities as well as any weaknesses / threats identified.
  3. Consideration of management accounting techniques or tools which lead to solutions / courses of action / lessons learned that you would offer to the board of directors as to how the issues identified can be tackled or how the organisation concerned can improve its performance.
  4. Any other relevant matter that you believe will be of use to the board of directors

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