Assignment B – Instructions

Assignment B

Assignment B – Instructions

This assignment aims to develop and assess your ability to;

• Produce a 60-minute PPP grammar lesson plan to introduce the first conditional to talk about events that are likely to happen to the class below.

• Demonstrate the ability to develop a clear presentation stage, a board plan, time line, and controlled and freer practice tasks.

• Demonstrate the ability to give clear instructions and clarify meaning and understanding (concept checking questions).

• Grade teacher language appropriately for learners’ level.

• Explain the appropriate use of activities and resources.

What am I required to do?

To create a 60-minute grammar lesson, with appropriate stages, tasks and resources.

Who am I teaching?

An A2 monolingual class of twelve 14-16 year olds (6M, 6F) in their own country. They are at late elementary level (A2).

Decide what nationality your class is and state this in the lesson plan.

Guidance – Preparing to Write your Lesson Plan

Before starting to write this assignment, you should;

1. Read Unit 1 Part 3 on lesson planning.

2. Read Unit 7. There is also a short section on PPP in Unit 6

3. Research the target language: First conditional to talk about events that are likely to happen. There is some information on conditional forms in unit 7, but you will need to look at it in further depth and reference your sources.

4. Read the following document carefully, download it and save it to your local machine. Notes on teaching this form.

5. Look at this model assignment, which demonstrates how we want you to present your work. N.B. This is for different target language – you should not copy anything directly from the model.

Model 1. PPP Grammar lesson table Model

Model 2. Lesson plan form and paragraph

Model 3. Materials a cont practice, hw

Model 3. Materials b score sheet

Model 3. Materials c – board game

Model 4. Teacher Language

Model 5. Board Plan

Model 6. Bibliography

6. If you would prefer to read the instructions on paper, you can print out instructions to download.

While you may use or adapt practice activities you have found elsewhere, the presentation stage must be of your own design. It is not, for example, acceptable to use a video or PowerPoint presentation of this language that you have taken from elsewhere.

What should I submit?

Download the templates using the links below to ensure you submit all required items.

Please ensure documents are CLEARLY labelled and numbered as below. Please note if your files/documents are not clearly labelled, you may be asked to re-submit.

1. PPP Grammar Lesson Table completed for your lesson. This is to help you analyse the language and plan how to teach it. It will be helpful for you begin your assignment by completing this form. (See ‘Notes on teaching this form.’)

2. Lesson Plan and Paragraph. The lesson plan, followed by a paragraph (100-150 words) justifying and explaining your choice of teaching aids, activities and materials for this class.

3. Materials Copies of all materials you would give or show the students (worksheets, visuals etc.).

4. Teacher Language Show the actual words you would use for

a) Eliciting the target language and form, and concept checking in the presentation stage. You may need to include some predicted student responses. (See the examples shown in Unit 7.)

b) instructions to one of the activities in your lesson

5. Board Plan(s) A board plan (more than one if you prefer) showing what you would write on the white board during the presentation stage, with example sentences, time-line and reference to form and meaning. Imagine you would working on the board during the lesson.

You cannot submit a PowerPoint instead of a board plan.

6. Bibliography

If English is not your first language, please check your language carefully. Your marker will be looking for evidence that your English is of a high enough standard to work as an English language teacher.

Guidance – How to submit your work

1. Once your documents are complete and you are ready to submit them to your assessor, return to this page, login and then select the button ‘add submission’ that appears at the bottom of this page. Then follow the on-screen instructions to upload all of your documents. Please upload all your documents at the same time.

2. You can upload up to 10 files, which can be word processed files, images, videos or sound files. Please save and submit your files as Word, PDFs or Power Point files.

3. Please make sure each file is CLEARLY LABELLED AND NUMBERED as in templates provided

4. Once you’ve uploaded all your files, follow the on screen instructions to submit your assignment for marking.

5. Please see the video in the ‘Getting started’ section of the course to check how to upload your assignment.

Helpful hints:

We suggest that you create a folder on your computer where you can save all the documents you need to complete this assignment.

Develop your plan on the lesson plan forms provided and make sure that you have completed every section of the plan. Please put each stage of the lesson into a separate row on the table. (You can add or delete rows to suit your lesson.)

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