Assessment Task 1 – Project

Student Assessment
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BSBCMM511 (Communicate with influence) – Student Assessment
Assessment Task 1 – Project
Part A
Scenario: is an ecommerce company that follows B2B as well as B2C electronic business model. It
operates its business online and has a good community presence in its location. One of its values is to
give back to the community, so it often participates in and supports local business and community
events. keeps and stores a lot of customer information in order to supply goods to them.
They use a secure database that is protected from external data threats. They follow their jurisdiction’s
data confidentiality and privacy laws, as well as the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988.
The information they hold:
Customer names and contact details
Current order information (including order status)
Previous order history
Customers’ favourite goods
Customer notes, such as delivery instructions, order problems or disputes.
The organisation has a strict policy never to reveal customers’ personal information to anyone. This
must be kept anonymous; customers’ details must be de-personalised within the organisation and kept
confidential to anyone outside (unless this is the customer’s own information, or permission has been
given by the customer for a particular person to access this).
It is a medium-sized company and you head its marketing department. You have access to current
technologies to produce presentations that are seen digitally and are also presented face to face in
local business events, however, you need to build audience participation. You have a group of sales
interns joining you for 6 months. These interns need to be trained and have to be utilised for business
promotion activities in the local business events while they are undergoing their internship.
Task 1:
You are required to create and conduct a training session for these interns. You must provide them the
presentation they will use for understanding business promotion for The fellow students

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will play the role of the interns and the trainer/ assessor will observe this session. You must ensure that
during the training you:
Elaborate upon the industry, media and government organisations, events and communication
channels that are relevant to the organisation.
Identify information that may be subject to confidentiality and explain how to manage it
Identify information needs of various different audiences and explain the purpose of
Identify various forums/ platforms that the marketing team may use to present according to
organisational objectives.
Give the sample presentation material with reliable information about the company that the
interns may use.
Allow & encourage questions during the training session.
You must submit the presentation tools along with the answer.
Task 2:
Using a feedback form, seek feedback from your trainer/ assessor and the fellow students playing the
role of the sales interns about your training presentation.
Submit 2 filled feedback forms along with
a short analysis of identified areas for improvement.
Part B
A new work project is to start at XYZ organisation. The management must negotiate the undertaking of
this with a work team. They need to discuss and decide how the project should be planned and
completed. This will include roles and responsibilities, resources and timelines for project work.
The negotiation will be carried out by the new business manager and the work area manager. They will
negotiate project requirements with a team of workers. The objective of management is to perform the
project quickly and cost-effectively. The objective of the work team is to secure enough resources and
an adequate timeline in which to complete the work according to current work hours and work
agreements. Management has promised the client that the work will be finished within six weeks.
The team have the required skills but do not have enough time to carry out tasks as expected within
the six-week period. Not only do two team members have holidays booked during this period, there also
isn’t enough technological capacity to complete work as quickly as needed.
Task 1:
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Answer the questions referring to the scenario.

What are the objectives & the needs of the two parties involved in this negotiation?
Identify and list the issues and problems that you believe will be relevant in the negotiation.
With reference to the objectives of both parties, document the positions and supporting
arguments that apply to each. (Answers to be no more than 200 words).
Prepare a professionally written email draft to the work team members, identifying the need for
you to meet them and discuss the impending issue. Provide them with options of dates & times
when a meeting can be scheduled.

Task 2:
This is a role-play activity:
Acting as the work area manager, you must meet with two of your work team members (role
played by the trainer/ assessors &/ or fellow students) who seem to be absolutely not willing to
take up the new project & discuss the impending issues.
Prepare meeting material (meeting agenda or a A4 leaflet) to communicate the common ground
that exists with both parties in the negotiation. When establishing what this is, you should
discuss where compromise could be made.
You must conduct the communication in a professional and polite manner, making sure that
you take the lead in this initial negotiation discussion.
At the end of the meeting you must seek consensus on meeting objectives.
Task 3:
Following on from Task 2, write a short summary that documents your role-play discussion and
negotiation. (No more than 200 words). This needs to be distributed to the work team members &
submitted to the assessor.
You should identify:
How the discussion went (for example, positive, collaborative, or slow to reach a conclusion)
The common ground
The compromises that can be made.
Summary of the outcomes of the meeting.
Part C

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A meeting needs to take place between an’s representatives and an officer from the work
health and safety (WHS) regulatory authority. There have been issues raised about the safety of the
premises for workers, and the regulatory authority has been contacted to gain their advice.
The persons that need to attend the meeting:
The WHS officer from the regulatory authority
The organisation’s WHS duty holder (Yourself)
The business owner.
The meeting needs to specifically address hygiene and cleanliness. The following is a list of points that
are not being adequately covered at the workplace. WHS hygiene and cleanliness issues:
The kitchen and communal areas are not being well-maintained by staff
Staff often leave the workplace messy and do not clean up after themselves
Waste is not being cleared from the premises.
As a member of the organisation, you are appointed to lead the meeting. You must guide the meeting
process and agenda, remembering to address the objective, i.e., ‘to introduce new policies and
procedures for staff to follow for WHS hygiene and cleanliness’. Note: the WHS officer is there to take
a collaborative role and not to provide answers.
You should discuss the three issues and the possible policies and procedures that could be helpful to
manage these. Within the meeting time, collectively agree on three WHS policies and procedures that
you would want to take forwards. You must encourage participation when needed, to ensure everyone
contributes, and guide the meeting to a successful close within the allotted time.
Further to the meeting, policies and procedures need to be introduced to guide staff to follow these
health and safety practices, and the WHS officer will be providing information on this.
Task 1:
This is a role-play activity:
Acting as the WHS Duty holder for, you must meet with the WHS officer from the
regulatory authority (role played by the trainer/ assessors &/ or fellow student)
Prepare meeting material (meeting agenda or a A4 leaflet) to communicate the issues and what
you would like to ask & discuss WHS Officer.
You must conduct the communication in a professional and polite manner.
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Task 2:
You must now prepare & conduct a presentation for the staff (role played by the fellow
students) about the WHS issues discussed with the WHS officer & the new WHS policy & procedure
being introduced as a result of that meeting.
You must submit the presentation tools along with the answer.

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Assessment Task 2 – Written Questions
You must provide answers to question in 200 or more words
1. When a new client asked for information on your organisation’s finances in order to determine
organisational stability how would you confirm your authority to present it and who would you seek
authority from?
2. From your own research and knowledge, identify and list:
Five different industry, media, or government organisations that are relevant to your
organisation/business industry
Three events that are relevant to your organisation and its business
Three communication channels that are relevant to your organisation/business industry that
are effective for sharing information
3. Explain how you can facilitate effective cross-cultural communication (answers to be no more than
800 words).
4. For each of the following, write a brief explanation of how you would perform this (answers to be no
more than 100 words for each one):
Conflict resolution
Incident de-escalation.
5. Explain what is meant by structured and inclusive meeting procedures (approximately 50 words);
provide two examples for each of when and/or how they would be used.
6. What are the basic requirements and steps for the processes given below?
Present information and negotiate
Lead and participate in meetings
Prepare and deliver presentations.
7. Identify six requirements that apply to your organisation or business industry for maintaining the
confidentiality of information.