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Assessment 2

 Assessment Overview


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Research Report based on researching a contemporary business issue related to the use of IS. This assessment will provide an opportunity for the students to critically evaluate contemporary issues related to the use of information systems, data management and insights communication. The students will interrogate the organizational dynamics and role of an information professional within the business environment. 

In the Research Report Assessment, the students will undertake a research individually about one of the research domains listed below. The research comprises two stages. Please submit your report as a word document to the VU Collaborate drop box. 

3000 Words 40%

Session 10



The Learning Outcome(s) of this assessment task is to:

LO 2: Critically evaluate contemporary issues related to the use of information systems, data management and insights communication; 

LO 3: Devise and exemplify the career development strategies and networking actions as well as interrogate the professional activities aimed at creating and promoting professional visibility and credibility in the job market;

LO 4: Argue the role played by IT professionals in influencing and achieving business goals with a view of innovation and entrepreneurship; and 

LO 5: Interrogate the organisational dynamics and role of an information professional within the business environment. 

 Assessment Structure


Choose one topic from the list of the subjects: 

An Overview of Ethics 

Ethics for IT Professionals and IT Users. 

Cyberattacks and Cybersecurity  

Information Privacy and Government 

Intellectual Property 

Freedom of Expression 

Ethical Decisions in Software Development 

Social Networking 

Ethics of AI and Big Data 

Ethics of Organizations: Cultures and Norms, Leadership and decision making 

Skill development, communication, negotiation and team-building 

Emerging issues in IT Professional and Ethics 

 The report includes the sections such as:

Introduction (250 words) 

A summary of Magazine Article (1000 words) 

Argument by the literature review (1500 words) 

Conclusion (250 words) 



This assessment is divided into 2 stages. To get started on your assessment task, please follow the instructions below;

Stage 1: Outline ‘current practice’ in one of the listed above areas. 

To do this, your lecturer should confirm your subject.  

you should refer to the following websites and select an article based upon your allocated subject. The article should be published in 2020 or 2021.  

CIO Magazine 
CIO (Australia) 
CIO (New Zealand) 
CIO Council 
CIO Insight 
ZDNet Australia 
ACS Leaders 


Stage 2: After selecting your article, you can outline the research domain by considering the article subject and the addressed issues. Afterwards you will perform a literature analysis targeted at an IT management issues recognized in stage 1.  

By doing the literature review, you aim to find those literatures and findings to argue the detailed information and message of the article.  

For example, your research subject is confirmed by your lecturer as  item number 12 “Emerging issues in IT Professional and Ethics” and then you will refer to the listed website, and you will find the article “Mitigating the hidden risks of digital transformation” on  

In this article the author claims in Internet of Things (IoT) that   

Connected devices within the enterprise can include potentially anything, from HVAC systems, to servers and other IT equipment, to vehicles, lighting systems, thermostats, appliances, and more. Organizations need to look for ways to secure and mitigate the risk of networked devices to limit the connections these devices have to other devices, Smith says, and in some cases place them in separate networks.” 

Now, you have to support this statement by literature in your report. For example you can present the article “Vulnerability-based risk assessment and mitigation strategies for edge devices in the Internet of Things” and explain how this article in literature can support the statement in CIO Magazine.  

Assessment Criteria


The following levels of criteria will be used to grade this assessment task:

Criterion 1: Content (24 points) 

Criterion 2: Organisation (4 points)

Criterion 3: Word choice, Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling (4 points)

Criterion 4: Presentation (4 points)

Criterion 5: Reference (4 points)

Access the rubric for the full marking criteria.

Submission Instructions


Please submit your completed assessment electronically via the Dropbox: Assessment 2: Assignment.