Assessment 3

Assessment 3

1750 words

try to add at least 3 screenshots

Include citation in-text

Reference in APA 6th ed. style (minimum 5 textbooks or academic journals)

  (Only sources from English speaker countries) 

  Thank you!  

 I’m adding below extra resources from the module that might be helpful.

Mango Research (2016). Big Data Marketing [Video file]. Retrieved from

Big Data — yet another buzz word. But what is it? This video has big data explained in simple terms. Big Data is simply our ability to take massive amounts of data and derive a narrative from it. As you watch, consider how your data is used in marketing by others.

Comparing keywords, topics and niches

The best way to use Big Data is to work within tools specially designed for this purpose.  For this topic we are using Google Trends.  It is best to be aware that this is a valuable tool in 2019, but other tools may be more prominent in the future, so researching the best tools for the work is also an important entrepreneurial task.

Essential Resources:

Massola, J. (2007). ‘Don’t Be Evil’ a Struggle for Google [online]. Eureka Street, Vol. 17, No. 17, 7-9. Retrieved from;dn=757075661939428

This article discusses the rise of Google and data collection from people worldwide and their slogan ‘Don’t be evil’. As you read, consider how big data is being used now and the ethical implications for you as an entrepreneur.

Artun, O., & Levin, D. (2015). Predictive marketing: Easy ways every marketer can use customer analytics and big data. Retrieved from

Read Part 1, A complete predictive marketing primer, pp. 1-74. This section outlines how big data is used to predict what consumers will purchase. Read and consider methods you will use in your own venture.

Dodson, I. (2016). The digital marketing playbook: The definitive guide to creating strategic, targeted, and measurable online campaigns. Retrieved from

Read Chapter 9 Analytics, pp. 287-330. What is the story behind the statistics? This chapter uncovers the mystery of analytics to discover what is really happening on web pages. Read with your own future website in mind.

Smith, C. (2016). Conversion code: Capture internet leads, schedule quality appointments, close more sales. Retrieved from

Read the bonus section, Checking the Analytics and Metrics that actually matter. This section provides an insight into how to ensure you are getting return on investment on digital marketing campaigns by checking the right analytics. This section will help you in your early and later campaigns to get your own venture growing faster but not spending money unnecessarily.

Randazzo, G. (2014). Developing successful marketing strategies. Business Expert Press. Retrieved from

Read Chapter 9, Promotion. This chapter is a good overview of promotion and its place in establishing the marketing mix. As you read consider if you are formulating a logical marketing plan for your own venture.

Fleming, N. (2015). Evergreen : Cultivate the Enduring Customer Loyalty That Keeps Your Business Thriving. New York: AMACOM. Retrieved from

Read Chapter 7, Getting loyalty programs right. This chapter debunks myths about loyalty programs and covers approaches designing, developing and refining a customer loyalty program. As you read, decide what could be in your marketing mix for the retain/refer component on your customers journey.

Barry, J. (2015). Social Content Marketing for Entrepreneurs. Business Expert Press. Retrieved from

Read Chapters 1-3 Getting audiences to T-A-L-K. This book is useful to for entrepreneurs as it provides example of how to manage social content marketing by yourself and provides many tools. Use the book to commence your own campaigns.

Larter, L. (2016). Pilot to profit : Navigating modern entrepreneurship to build your business using online marketing, social media, content marketing and sales. Retrieved from

Read Chapter 5, Your content is your credibility. This chapter covers the content marketing plan and how to write the content including keywords, word count and many helpful tips to successfully do the work yourself.

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