Assessment 1 -Project

Assessment 1 -Project (Recruit/Select Staff)

1. Casual, contract or temporary 2. Full time or part-time — permanent employees 3. Volunteers
In this assessment we are going to Identify the recruitment needs and administer recruitment. We are going to use the scenario of PAX HOTEL. You are the Human Resource Manager of this hotel. The hotel is a 5-star boutique hotel located in Melbourne CBD. It currently employs 150 staff in many different departments. The structure of their employment range form:
You have had meetings with the general manager and department heads and you have become aware of the need to recruit new staff in the hospitality department to meet increased demand.
To recruit, hire and induct the new staff for the hotel you will need to complete several different steps. First step is to begin your research, make sure you consider the following:
• Determine the number of staff required (You must choose a minimum of three (3) which includes one from each of the categories above. • Determine the employment structure) i.e. full time, part time or contract etc) • For this assessment you must choose one (1) permanent and one (1) casual and one (1) volunteer -for your 3-new staff). • How the applicant will apply. E.g. telephone. email or online • How you plan on interviewing the applicant e.g. one person or a panel interview. • Most importantly -Determine the essential selection criteria for the job. — what skills must they have? What qualifications must they hold? What characteristics must they demonstrate for the role? • Detail the Selection Criteria I.e. Job Description for Three (3) of the above employment categories

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