Assessment 1: Case Study Analysis

Assessment 1: Case Study Analysis (30%)

The case study is about market segmentation and strategic options for sport shoes. Please read the Marketing Excellence case study on Nike on pages 52-53 of the Kotler & Keller text. There are also many other sources of information to read and use as references (e.g. internet/online articles, recommended texts and academic journal articles).

  • The answers to the three case study questions are to be typed (single line spacing) and a minimum of 1,500 words
  • Refer to the case study analysis marking guide (below) for detailed marking criteria
  • The analysis should be submitted via the link on the unit website. The submission should include the analysis with appendices if appropriate
  • NOTE: Don’t add a submission cover sheet, instead add your name and student number to a footer in the document

Case study questions

Based on the case study and further research, provide answers to the following three questions.

NOTE don’t answer the two questions in the text on page 54.

  1. What is market segmentation? What segmentation strategy has Nike used to segment their market?
  2. What is Nike’s key marketing strategy? How does this relate to brand equity and market share of the sports shoe market?
  3. Discuss segmentation strategies in relation to the broader sports shoe market. A brief competitive analysis of the global market should be

Tables and additional information can be included in an appendix.

Marking Guide: Case study analysis
Assessment CriteriaPassCreditDistinctionHigh DistinctionTOTAL 30%
Introduction: summary of the key issues of the topic and strategic implications11.21.41.62
Analysis: all 3 questions answered separately and in sufficient depth, minimum 1,500 words, with well informed, logical discussion  3  3.6  4.2  4.8  6
Understanding of broader concepts: additional research demonstrated with discussion from a broader perspective which provides support to the analysis  3  3.6  4.2  4.8  6
Understanding of academic theory: analysis of relevant theories with application to the case study  4  4.8  5.6  6.4  8
Academic research: 4 relevant academic journal articles cited with relevance to the discussion, correctly cited and referenced  2  2.4  2.8  3.2  4
Quality of writing: overall report quality, correct grammar, spelling, referencing and formatting.


The assignment should be submitted through LMS as a word document, it should be single line spaced, 12pt font. Include all in-text and end-text references, in APA or Chicago style, as per the Murdoch guidelines

Late submissions will be penalised by 10% per day in accordance with the Assessment Policy, late submission of 7 days, or more, will not be marked.

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