Article Reviews

Article Reviews

Article Reviews from Sport Related Databases and Resources

Focus:  PED’s Performance Enhancing Drugs

Find an article that analyzes the use of PED’s in sport and follow the prompt to complete your assignment. 

A review of a journal article examines a scholarly article’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of what the article is attempting to accomplish. Your review should include description, paraphrases, and your own analysis. Any analysis included should help readers to assess the article’s value without having to necessarily read the articles themselves. (Appropriate article selection and topic, summary and Introduction)

(Body of the review and analysis of findings)

The Writing Process

Outline. Write out your main argument in full. Your thesis should be the argument you are making about the article, typically an answer as to whether or not the article is successful at what it sets out to accomplish and whether the article is valuable. The thesis should be a succinct summation of your opinion on the article.

The review begins with a complete citation of the article at the top of the page in whatever style stipulated by an instructor.

The first paragraph should contain:

 A thesis statement. An opinion about the article, backed up with evidence and well reasoned analysis.

 The author of the article’s purpose in writing

 Background information on the author

 Brief overview of other, relevant scholarship

The body of the review should contain:

 Points of argument to support your thesis

 A logical development of ideas

 quotes and paraphrases from the article as pieces of evidence

The final paragraph should contain:

 A restatement of your thesis

 A summary of your review

Select article topics that are related to your major projects, and that interest you. These should support your major project research efforts, or your own professional growth in the sports industry.

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