Application that is widely used across many platforms

Discussion consist of Internet research and analysis by students on the typical uses of Microsoft Excel. Excel 2013 is Microsoft’s spreadsheet application that is widely used across many platforms and for many uses, both professionally and personally. Please describe in your own words 2 good examples of how this spreadsheet program can increase productivity in the workplace or at home. Describe a specific use, what factors you would include, how you would set it up in theory, and how this will speed up work or in some way to make it more efficient. For example, consider that PC Magazine argues the following Excel 2010 shortcuts enhance performance as well. You may define the following shortcuts or other valuable shortcuts and their advantages (Ctrl-Shift-&,Ctrl-Shift-#, Ctrl-Shift-@, Ctrl-Shift-:, Ctrl-;, Ctrl-0, Ctrl-H, Ctrl-F2, Ctrl-F6, Alt-F8). You may expand on this and include any feature you believe will speed productivity. You may rely on research or your opinion. Describe your research in your own words. Comments should be thoughtful and show an understanding of the topic.

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