This brief assignment requires you to complete important initial steps toward writing your Final Project. First, you will motivate yourself by articulating personal inspirations you have experienced while viewing this week’s videos and listening to other students discuss completion of an academic product. Then, you will commit to selecting a case and a topic for this case that will be the focus of your Final Project. These steps are important so that you will you will have made a decision about the focus for your Final Project, and you will have the interest and energy to start collecting scholarly literature related to this focus.

Assignment: Submit a 1- to 2-paragraph response to the following:

Describe three insights you have gained from the interview videos that you have applied and could continue to apply to your working on your Final Project for this course.
Identify and review the case you have selected from those listed in Week 1.
Identify the subject that you propose to research that is the focus of your research paper and related to the case. Give a brief reasoning on why you chose this topic. Make sure that the subject can be adequately addressed in your 10- to 12-page research paper.
Laureate Education (Producer). (2016e). Student perspectives: Literature reviews and dissertation(Multimedia file). Baltimore, MD: Author.

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