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Yale 1 Brooke Yale Rebecca Cisneros-Diaz English IA May 4, 2017 Annotated Bibliography Estache, Antonio, Danny Leipziger, Raphael E. De Hoyo, Denis Medvedev, and Markus Goldstein. Stuck in the Middle. Edited by Antonio Estache, Brookings Institution Press, 2009. ProQuesr Ebook Central. This source discusses the economic and social proposals to enhance the welfare of middle class people and provides information regarding the policies and future of global wealth inequality. 1 will use this information in my paper to support my thesis that the increasing wealth inequalities threaten the concept of the middle class. Throughout several chapters, book includes several chapters regarding the history of the middle class and defines terms that arc focused on within different sections of the book. The authors of this source tend to emphasize that the future of the middle class as a whole is in decline due global income inequality and the policies that are in place to improve the general wealth of developing nations. In general, this source does not necessarily provide any new or noteworthy information, but the source definitely provides a perspective regarding the global wealth pandemic as a whole to show that this problem is international. This source is a book written by several qualified authors. The main author of this book is Antonio Estache, who is an expert in macroeconomics and public finance. In 2009, the book was published. Although this date is not necessarily extremely recent due to the recent changes in the global wealth inequalities, the source, predictions for the future wealth trends are still accurate when compared to the issues that still persist today. There is a slight bias in the writing as the authors support the policies that are in place to fix the wealth issues, but this bias is not bad because the majority of the essay will be regarding how to implement more services to help the lower and middle class be more successful. Using tables, graphs, and various statistics throughout the book, the authors put a large amount of effort into providing evidence in support of their opinions. The writing quality in this paper is professional and articulate.
Income inequality Impairs the American Dream of Upward Mobility. Produced by Intelligence Squared US, Films Media Group, 2014. Films on Demand, wID=984158octid=65941. The purpose of this source is to debate the problem of American income inequality limiting upward class mobility with a group of economists. 1 will use the information from this article for the bulk of my essay, since the question presented in this debate is essentially the same question 1 pursue to answer in my thesis. The debate references the history of this issue to show how today, the pretWIMIMIMIRWRITRIffse. The do.

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